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Dear Students

All your queries will be collected through this web form.
For General Physics use forms listed in their home page.

For ALL queries you are strongly urged to use this form!

Please take into account that;

  • Department personnel is working on shifts
  • Face-to-face communication is NOT favored
  • Besides your single query, we have to handle all queries

In these hard times, we wish you to have a successful semester.

Physics Department

In Memory of Professor Feza Gürsey

A colloquium dedicated to the 100th anniversary of his birth

2021 is the centennial year for Feza Gürsey, a celebrated and world-renown physicist, whose leadership and contributions were pivotal in the foundation of the METU Department of Physics. We celebrate this occasion by a colloquium dedicated to his memory.

Please visit the colloqium page.

Important Notice

Note for PHYS 107 Lab Takers: Some arrangements are in consideration to offer a part of this course face to face in the Lab for students who are in Campus or in Ankara and are willing to take part, while other students may still participate online.

Announcements / Duyurular

Üç araştırma görevlisi alınacaktır.
Başvuru koşulları ve takvimine
resmi ilan ve PDB duyuru
sayfalarından ulaşılabilirsiniz.

Letter of the Chair to Students