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Summer School 19-3

General Physics Courses in the 20193 Summer School

Physics Department plans to offer the following first year general physics courses in the 20193 Summer School:

  • PHYS105, PHYS106,
  • PHYS111, PHYS112,
  • PHYS181 and PHYS182.

Note that due to unforeseen circumstances, this list might be modified until the summer school begins.

Since the summer school is also going to be conducted by distance teaching, the following changes, relative to our practices from the previous years, will be in effect for these courses

  1. Laboratory work will not be offered in any form during the summer school. Hence, only those students who have taken these courses before and have received a passing grade (50 or above) from their laboratory work should register to the courses. Any student that registers to the course but does not have a previous passing laboratory grade will automatically fail from this course in the summer school.
  2. There will be a quota on the number of students in each section. This quota can be as large as 150 (the rules and regulations on distance education states that the maximum number of students in each section in distance teaching is 150), and can be as small as 30 (the same rules states that the students can not be graded based on only unsupervised activities. The number of students that can be supervised effectively is not more than 30 per proctor). The quota will be announced before the registration period.
  3. If the quota per section is low, priority will be given to students in their fourth year or above. Only those students will be able to register for these courses on the first day of registration. Other students will be able to register starting from the second day of registration onwards. If a fourth year or above student fails to register on the first day, s/he will lose her/his priority.
  4. Distance education requires suitable infrastructure. For the summer school, it is the responsibility of the student to make sure that s/he has a reliable internet connection, suitable computer/tablet, webcam, microphone.
  5. It is highly likely that the students will be required to open their webcams during the exam(s). These will be used to proctor the students during the exam. The sessions will be recorded and kept for upto two years in case there is a dispute about the exam procedures.

Check the syllabus/guidelines with the instructor/coordinator of the course before registering to the course.