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Dear Physics Students,

As we are rapidly approaching to launch the Fall 2021 semester, I would like to reach out to you and provide first-hand information regarding the ongoing preparations in our department, as well as on the organization and orientation of the courses our department will be offering in the upcoming Fall term.

Firstly, I would like to let you know that, we are working together with various units and offices of our university to implement and observe the most up-to-date safety rules and regulations to show the utmost care in protecting the health of our students, faculty and the rest of the university personnel. We will disseminate concrete information regarding these rules and regulations that will be in effect in our university and in the Physics Building which will solely be oriented to contribute to keep you, your fellow students and all the faculty members healthy throughout the entire Fall semester. I urge all of you to be vigilant and meticulous in observing all the safety measures that may be in effect during the Fall term, and kindly ask you to keep in mind that the success of the upcoming hybrid semester hinges upon how well each and every one of us is committed to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

In this semester, our department will be offering all together 68 different courses, 49 of which being in our undergraduate programs (PHYS and ASTR coded courses together), including a brand-new course on quantum computing, and 19 courses encompassing our graduate programs. As you all already well know, Higher Education Council (YÖK) announced that the Fall 2021 semester in universities will be organized in a hybrid manner. Following the rules and regulations in the resolution passed by our university senate according to the guidelines provided by YÖK, and taking into account several organizational needs and infrastructural capabilities, our department plans to conduct 31 of these courses in a hybrid/face-to-face manner, and the remaining 18 by online methods. At least 60% of the course syllabus and/or lecture hours for each course in the hybrid/face-to-face category is currently being planned to be conducted in face-to-face format with all or part of the students enrolled present in the classroom depending on the adequacy of classroom capacities, technical equipment present in the classroom or brought in by the instructors, and in observation of the social distancing measures. Precise details of the organization and orientation of the hybrid/face-to-face courses could very well depend on the particular needs of each course, and may be designed and/or decided upon by the instructors in consultation with the enrolled students.

You may now access the list of Fall semester courses and the method of instruction for these courses. This semester we also continue our efforts to provide you quick access to the syllabi of the Fall term courses. The syllabi files provided in this page will continually be updated as we keep on receiving the most up-to-date information from our faculty members over the next week.

During the interactive registration period which will take place next week, your advisors may choose to conduct the consultation sessions either in the usual face-to-face manner or by online means, while you may still opt to contact your advisor online for approvals. Time tables for the advisor approval hours, the preferred means of communication for each approval session, and available ZOOM links or other digital means for online sessions are going to be shared with you via a separate email.

I also would like to note that a brochure covering extremely valuable and concise information on the general rules and regulations of the ungraduated programs at METU as well as on the Physics Undergraduate curriculum.

I kindly ask your cooperation to review all the information in this brochure before directing any of your questions to your advisors, instructors and the physics department office. General information regarding interactive registrations is provided at the Registrar’s Office web page.

A query form is also available through the Physics main page, should you find that none of the above resources are adequate to answer your question(s).

Soon you will be able to access the midterm time tables as well as the preferred method your instructors are planning to conduct the midterm and final exams. Please take note that in some of the online courses, some or all of the exams may be planned to be conducted face-to-face manner, subject to the preventive measures and/or regulations that may be decided by the university senate at any time during the course of the semester.

As the Physics Department, we will continue to inform you regarding the latest developments on campus;

I wish each and every one of you, a rewarding and productive semester,

Let us work together to make it happen,

Chair, METU Department of Physics