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Job Opportunities

Academic Staff Recruitment

Department of Physics of Middle East Technical University (METU) invites applications for faculty positions(1) at the Assistant Professorship level. Applications at the Associate Professorship or Full Professorship level from candidates with commensurate experiences and accomplishments are also welcome. Applicants are expected to have postdoctoral experience, a solid research background with a strong publication record in one of the current experimental/theoretical research areas of the department:

  • Astrophysics
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Particle Physics
  • Photonics and Optoelectronics
  • Plasma Physics

or any other field that may strongly interact with the department’s ongoing research efforts.

Members of the department are expected to pursue a vigorous research program, attract external research funding, and contribute strongly to the department’s teaching program both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. A proven record of good command of written and spoken English is also required as this is the medium of instruction in all METU programs. Interested candidates are invited to submit an application package including a CV, publication list, outline of current and future research interests, teaching philosophy, and name and address of two recommenders, who may provide a detailed assessment of the candidate’s academic achievements, through the department’s application site indicated below.

(1) Offer of position is subject to the sanction of the relevant government agency.


16 April 2017
(23:59:59 TUR)

For all queries please use this e-mail address.

All applications submitted through e-mail have to be re-submitted by this web form.

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For recommenders, please scroll down to upload your recommendation letter.

Application and Upload Form

For the Applicant

  • All fields have to be filled.
  • Your application form (i.e single PDF file that you will upload) should contain the followings:
    1. The most recent CV
    2. A publication list
    3. Outline of current and future research interests, teaching philosophy
  • Please make sure that you supply valid e-mail addresses for both yourself and recommenders.
  • All e-mail addresses will receive a confirmation e-mail from the board.
    Therefore, please double check them before you click the submit button.
  • Please include country code in the phone number.

For the Recommender

  • All fields have to be filled.
  • Please don't put your regular e-mail address but just use the one printed in the message you received.
  • Reference letter should preferably be written on an institution letter head page and saved-as PDF.
    You don't need to physically sign and scan the file.
    If you have appropriate tool you could instead PDF-sign it.


  • Make sure that you fill all fields.
  • If some text fields produce errors you may then use corresponding Latin characters.
  • All three e-mail addresses have to be different (if not fields will be colored in red)
  • Make sure that you enter a correct capthca code (five alphanumeric characters from the image)
  • The file that will be uploaded should be in PDF format and it should be less than 10 Mbyte in size.
  • If all above is done accordingly, then please click once to Apply
  • Those fields containing not valid data (including empty fields) will be shown in orange color.
  • Do you see any field in this color after you click to Apply?
    If you are sure that you data is correct then please take a snapshot of the screen and send it to the board.
    If you cannot take a picture then e-mail exactly what you've entered to these orange colored fields.
  • If you then correct these orange colored fields before a subsequent submission, you have to re-enter two fields:
    1. Choose the PDF file again.
    2. Type new captcha code