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Chair Letter

Dear Physics Students,

As we are rapidly approaching to start the spring semester, I would like to welcome you all back to the campus. This semester we are going to fully resume back face-to-face teaching of the courses and will be happy to see you all in the classrooms and amphitheaters to share the joy of learning and teaching physics as we were all eagerly awaiting to do so.

We are all following from the news the latest developments regarding the relaxation of some of the safety rules and regulations against COViD-19, and we will continue to follow those most up-to-date throughout the semester. I would like to kindly urge all of you to be vigilant and meticulous in observing all the remaining safety measures as each individual may have a different pace in adapting back to the normal social environment. It is all our wish to have a smooth and uninterrupted passage back to the normal practices during the course of this term.

This semester, our department will be offering all together 63 different courses, 43 of which being in our undergraduate programs (PHYS and ASTR coded courses together), including a fantastic course on Quantum Computing, and 20 courses encompassing our graduate programs with a brand-new course on Quantum Matter, which will take enthusiastic students to a voyage on the most profound ideas and discoveries in quantum physics that took place in the past few decades.

You may now access the list of the Fall semester courses from the web page. This semester too, we continue our efforts to provide you quick access to the syllabi of the spring term courses through the webpage. The syllabi files provided in this page will continually be updated as we keep on receiving the most up-to-date information from our faculty members over the coming weeks. I also would like to note that a brochure covering extremely valuable and concise information on the general rules and regulations of the ungraduate programs at METU as well as on the Physics Undergraduate curriculum can be accessed through our web page.

I kindly ask your cooperation to review all the information in this brochure before directing any of your questions to your advisors, instructors and the physics department office. General information regarding interactive registrations is provided at the Registrar’s Office web page. A query form is also available through the Physics main page, should you find that none of the above resources are adequate to answer your question(s). Soon you will be able to access the midterm time tables from the web page.

As the Physics Department, we will continue to inform you regarding the latest developments on campus;

I wish each and every one of you a rewarding and productive semester,

Prof. Seçkin Kürkçüoğlu,
Chair, METU Department of Physics