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Department»Feza Gürsey Colloqium - 2021

Feza Gürsey Colloqium - 2021

In Memory of Professor Feza Gürsey

A colloquium dedicated to the 100th anniversary of his birth

2021 is the centennial year for Feza Gürsey, a celebrated and world-renown physicist, whose leadership and contributions were pivotal in the foundation of the METU Department of Physics. We celebrate this occasion by a colloquium dedicated to his memory.

Gürsey, Groups and Fluids
9 December 2021, Thursday @ 17:00
V.P. Nair
Department of Physics CCNY of CUNY, NY, USA
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Abstract: Feza Gürsey was a brilliant physicist who loved symmetries and beautiful mathematical structures such as group theory and division algebras. In this centenary year, I shall briefly review some of his contributions and then zero-in on group theory and how it can give us a new perspective on a centuries-old topic, namely, fluid dynamics, including new facets such as the chiral magnetic effect.

About the Speaker: V.P. Nair is a Distinguished Professor of Physics at City College (CCNY) of the City University of New York (CUNY). He received his Ph.D. degree from Syracuse University in 1983 and worked in research associate and faculty member positions at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, Institute for Theoretical Physics at Santa Barbara and at Columbia University before joining the faculty of CCNY in 1993. During his career, he has held Visiting Professorships at the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, Rockefeller University, Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research interests span over the areas of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, High Energy Physics and Elementary Particle Physics and has been intensely focused on topics such as: Anomalies in gauge theories, Twistors and scattering amplitudes, Chern-Simons theories, Field theories at finite temperature, Nonperturbative aspects of gauge theories especially in 2+1 dimensions, Group theoretic approach to fluid Dynamics and Quantum Hall systems.