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Mission, Vision & Goals


METU Physics Department's Mission

METU Physics Department considers its mission within the scope of academical excellence and leadership in physical sciences. In this frame, the department's mission is to accumulate the physics knowledge, developing and sharing it in a scientific community that shares common principles; agrees on its goals, is open to innovations; respects and cares for each other as well as bears social responsibility. The department has dedicated itself for lifelong learning through academical and social programs; acquirement of new knowledge through research activities; becoming a strong center of attraction in the national and international arenas with its undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. programs.

METU Physics Department's Vision

Our department should be in the core of the academical life taking place in our university. Not only the scientific traditions are attached importance to, but also social, democratic and ethical values, the sharing of humankind's common values, critical reasoning and its programs aimed at reinforcing the motivations and skills of its students are considered top priority. The METU Physics Department aims at projecting the scientific and technological developments to the society, bring up its students as educated individuals who are adeptly equipped for the life and able to apply for privileged graduate studies.

METU Physics Department's Goals

Due to its honored history, METU and in relation, Physics Department feels the responsibility to oversee multiple goals simultaneously. These goals can be summarized as follows:

  • Maintaining the physical sciences activities on a modern, international scale to be referred to in the leading, decisive international platforms.
  • Following up the advanced technologies, contributing to the national industry's competitive character by means of maintaining educational and research based activities.
  • Acting as the driving, improving and pioneering force for every aspect of the national physics education and applications.

METU Physics Department's Aims

In the light of the goals and the vision declared above, the department aims at:

  • discovering the most talented young people, introducing awareness in them even during the high-school years, acquiring them to its ranks and educating them in the most advanced manner through special programs.
  • providing the students with a complete physics knowledge through its normal programs, and opening up optional and elective courses to increase their chances of success in their career years.
  • revising the physics education both in high-schools and all levels of higher education, updating it to be compatible with the 21st century's requirements, working in collaboration with private and corporate bodies, acting as consultants.
  • complementing the fundamental science knowledge of the talented and enthusiastic students (specifically those of engineering departments) via minor and master programs, enabling them to compete in advanced interdisciplinary fields with sustainable interest and knowledge.
  • helping developing universities with their academic staff deficiency by offering their research assistants Ph.D. education.
  • inviting national and international experts to deliver seminars, courses and conferences in the state of the art technological and scientific developments.
  • collaborating with the other departments, universities and foreign institutions and establishments to promote globalism.
  • making the necessary effort to attract foreign students to our undergraduate and graduate programs.