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Welcome Message


Owing to its distinguished academic staff, in addition to the highly-qualified undergraduate and graduate education programs, METU Physics Department also holds a prestigious rank among the scientific community with respect to its international research projects covering almost all fields of physics. Our mission is the academic excellency in national and international platforms and the leadership in physics.

Our department has been founded in 1960. Our education and research processes -currently maintained by about 50 academic personnel, around 400 undergraduate and 150 M.S. and Ph.D. students- are always on the rise in agreement with our level of superiority, defined by our principles and aims initiated by Prof. Erdal İnönü, Prof. Feza Gürsey and many other internationally acclaimed scientists and mentors.

Our academical achievements both in national and international scopes, our alumni's successes in academic, research & development, technology and other sectors have transformed the “METU Physics Department” into a brand and promoted our department as a center of excellence for those who are interested in physics.

We are looking forward to seeing among us those students who are interested in physics and welcoming them. Let's build our future together on the bases of knowledge and physics.