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Graduate Study

Guidelines and calendars for application to graduate studies are provided in the web pages of METU Graduate School of Applied and Natural Sciences (in English, in Turkish). Application criteria for the Physics Program are found in the following links: in English and in Turkish.

Starting from the 2023-2024 Fall semester, the minimum CumGPA required to apply to the graduate programs (M.Sc. or Ph.D.) at Physics Department will be 2.40/4.00

Graduate Admissions Exam

This exam is administered twice a year. The dates of these exam are normally scheduled to be soon after the application deadline for graduate studies for the fall and spring semester. The exam dates are announced through the physics department webpage.

This exam covers topics of the physics undergraduate curriculum, with particular emphasis given to the core courses. A sample exam can be reached from this file.

Qualifying Exam (for Ph.D. Students only)

The exam is administered twice in every year. It starts with written exams on the 2nd monday of May and November. Each written exam (quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, electromagnetic theory, analytical mechanics, mathemetical methods in physics and miscellaneous questions) is held in a different session during that week. An oral exam takes place in the succeeding week.

The exam is administered according to the rules set by the rules and regulations governing the graduate studies (Turkish version is binding).

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