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Education»Undergraduate Curriculum (before 2014-1)

Undergraduate Curriculum (before 2014-1)

Undergraduate Curriculum

For Students who Entered Before 2014-2015 Academic Year

The requirements for B.S. degree in physics include the must courses and ten elective courses listed below. Four of these elective courses must be taken from the Concentrations. At least four of the remaining six elective courses must be taken from other departments.

First Semester Year:1 Second Semester
Mechanics PHYS109 PHYS110 Electromagnetism
General Chemistry I CHEM101 CHEM102 General Chemistry II
Calculus with Analytic Geometry MATH119 MATH120 Calculus for Functions of Several Variables
English for Academic Purposes I ENG101 ENG102 English for Academic Purposes II
IS100 Introduction to Information Technologies and Applications
Third Semester Year:2 Fourth Semester
Introductory Electronics I PHYS203 PHYS202 Modern Physics
Mathematical Methods in Physics I PHYS209 PHYS210 Mathematical Methods in Physics II
Optics and Waves PHYS221 PHYS222 Optics and Waves Laboratory
Basic Linear Algebra MATH260 ENG211 Academic Oral Presentation Skills
Principles of Kemal Atatürk I HIST201 HIST202 Principles of Kemal Atatürk II
Nondepartmental Elective
Fifth Semester Year:3 Sixth Semester
Classical Mechanics PHYS311 PHYS300 Quantum Physics
Applied Modern Physics PHYS307 PHYS334 Electromagnetic Theory
Turkish I TURK303 TURK304 Turkish II
Nondepartmental Elective ENG311 Advanced Communication Skills
Free Elective Nondepartmental Elective
Restricted Elective
Seventh Semester Year:4 Eighth Semester
Quantum Mechanics I PHYS431 PHYS430 Statistical Thermodynamics
Special Problems in Physics PHYS400 Restricted Elective
Nondepartmental Elective Restricted Elective
Restricted Elective Free Elective