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All your queries should be made through active PDF forms in the Course web page.

For General Physics use forms listed in their home page.

2021-2022 Summer School General Physics courses:
Please don't contact instructors or secretaries about rules & capacities of the courses.
They are all set by the department.

Physics Department

Academic Advisor Consultation Schedule for the 2022 Fall Term

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Upcoming Meetings & Seminars

Poincaré invariance and Brillouin fields on a lattice

Bekir Baytaş
Department of Physics
University of Missouri

1 July 2022, Thu, 11:40
Physics Department, Cavid Erginsoy Seminar Room, 3rd floor

Announcements / Duyurular

Graduate admissions written exam:
Jul 6, 2022
(Note the change of exam place)
Visit Graduate Study page.

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