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People»Emre S. Tasci

Emre S. Tasci

Emre S. Tasci

Dr. Emre S. Taşcı

Post-doctoral Researcher in Atomic and Molecular Physics
Phone:+90 312 210 3269
Fax:+90 312 210 5099
Address:Physics Dept.
Middle East Technical University
Ankara - TURKEY

Research Interests:
  • Group Theory
  • Nanosystems and Atomic Clusters
  • Solid State Physics

Courses: PHYS743 Computational Symmetry in Solid State

  • B.S., Physics Eng. Dept., ITU (2000)
  • M.S., Physics Dept., METU (2002)
  • Ph.D., Physics Dept., METU (2007)
  • Post-doctoral Research: Virtual Materials Group,
    Materials Dept., TUDelft, the Netherlands (2007-2009)
  • Post-doctoral Research: Bilbao Crystallographic Server Group,
    Condensed Matter Physics Dept., EHU, Spain (2009-2012)

Curriculum Vitae