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Publications 2006

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1. Thermodynamics of small platinum clusters
Ali Sebetci, Ziya B. Güvenç, Hatice Kökten
Computational Materials Science 35 (2006) 192-197
2. Radiative decays of decuplet of decuplet to octet baryons in light cone QCD
T.M. Aliev, A. Özpineci
Nuclear Physics B 732 (2006) 291-320
3. Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by plasma based pulsed electron beam generator
H. Göktaş, U.B. Ayhan, G. Gündüz, H. Dişbudak, E. Eryılmaz, G. Öke, B. Çiçek and M. Somer
Inst. Of Physics Publishing, Phys. Scr. 73 (2006) 1-3
4. Electron-phonon short-range interactions, mobility and p-to n-type conversion in TlGaS2 crystals
A.F. Qasrawi and N.M. Gasanly
Cryst.Res. Technol. 41, No.2, 174-179 (2006)
5. Structural and electronic properties of bamboo-like carbon nanostructure
Şakir Erkoç
Physica E 31 (2006) 62-66
6. Escape of photons and electrons from an HPGe detector at 81 keV
Ercan Yılmaz, Rengin Peköz and Cüneyt Can
X-Ray Spectrom. 2006, 35, 42-46
7. Temperature dependence of the Raman bandwidths and intensities of a lattice mode near the tricritical and second order phase transitions in NH4Cl
H. Karaçalı and H. Yurtseven
Philosophical Magazine, Vol.86, No.2, 11 Jan.2006, 189-203
8. Temperature- and excitation intensity-dependent photoluminescence in Ga4Se3S layered crystals
K.Gökşen, N.M. Gasanly, A.Seyhan, R.Turan
Materials Science and Engineering B 127 (2006) 41-46
9. Specific heat related to the Raman frequency shifts for the rotatory mode in ammonia solid I close to the melting point
H.Karacali, H. Yurtseven
Journal of Quantitative Spect. & Radiative Transfer 98 (2006) 57-67
10. Temperature and pressure dependence of the Raman frequency shifts near the melting point in ice I
H.Yurtseven, H. Karaçalı
Spectrochimica Acta Part A 64 (2006) 772-778
11. Influence of ion implantation on structural and photoconductive properties of Bridgman GaSe single crystals
O.Karabulut, M.Parlak, R.Turan, U.Serincan and B.G. Akınoğlu
Cryst.Res. Technol. 41, No.3, 243-249 (2006)
12. Concentration dependent different action of progestrone on the order, dynamics and hydration states of the group of dipalmitoly phosphatidylcholine membraneBİYOLOJİ BÖLÜMÜ
Korkmaz Filiz, Kıryıbık Halil, Severcan Feride
Spectroscopy-An International J. 19 (4), 213-219 (2005)
13. Exclusive B®rl(+)l(-) decay and polarized lepton pair forward-backward asymmetries
T.M.Aliev, V. Bashiry and M. Savcı
Physical Review D 73, 034013 (2006)
14. QCD sum rules for the anticharmed pentaquark
Yasemin Saraç, Hungchong Kim and Su Houng Lee
Physical Review D 73, 014009 (2006)
15. Temperature dependence of the damping constant and the order parameter close to the l phase transitions in ammonium halides
H. Yurtseven, H. Karaçalı
Spectrohimica Acta Part A 65 (2006) 421-427
16. Frequency dependence of conductivity in intrinsic amorphous silicon carbide film, assessed through admittance measurement of metal insulator semiconductor structure
O.Özdemir, İ.Atılgan, B.Akaoğlu, K.Sel, B.Katırcıoğlu
Thin Solid Films 497 (2006) 149-156
17. Negative mass solitons in gravity
H.Cebeci, Ö.Sarıoğlu, B.Tekin
Physical Review D 73, 064020 (2006)
18. Closed timelike curves and geodesics of Gödel-type metrics
Reinaldo J Glesier, Metin Gürses, Atalay Karasu and Özgür Sarıoğlu
Class. Quantum Grav. 23 (2006) 2653-2663
19. Structural and optical characteristics of tantalum oxide grown by pulsed Nd: YAG laser oxidation
E. Atanassova, G.Aygün, R.Turan, Tz.Babeva
J.Vac.Sci.Technol. A 24(2), Mar/Apr 2006
20. Lattice vibrations of pure and doped GaSe
K.Allakhverdiev, T.Baykara, Ş.Ellialtıoğlu, F.Hashimzade, D.Huseinova, K.Kawamura, A.A. Kaya, A.M. Kulibekov (Gulubayov), S.Onari
Materials Research Bulletin 41 (2006) 751-763
21. Fractional boundaries for fluid spheres
S. Bayın, E.N. Glass and J.P. Krisch
Journal of Mathematical Physics 47, 012501 (2006)
22. Synthesis of Bis-Formazan molecule and quantum chemical calculations
Şakir Erkoç, Habibe Tezcan, E.D. Çalışır, Figen Erkoç
International Journal of Pure&Applied Chemistry 1(1), (2006) pp.37-44
23. Theoretical Comparative Study of the Sutructure, Dynamics and Electronic Properties of Two Allyl Molecules: S-allyl cysteine (SAC) and S-allyl mercaptocysteine (SAMC)
Emine Deniz Çalışır, Şakir Erkoç, Handan Yıldırım, Abdelkader Kara, Talat S. Rahman, Mahmut Selvi, Figen Erkoç
International Journal of Pure&Applied Chemistry 1(1), (2006) pp.45-55
24. Thermally Stimulated Current Observation of Trapping Centers in Layered Thallium Dichalcogenide SecicomductorsKitapta Chapter
N.S. Yüksek, N.M. Gasanly and H. Özkan
Nova Science Publishers (2005), Focus on Semiconductor Research, pp.85-112
25. Method for numerical simulation of two-term exponentially correlated colored noise
B.Yılmaz, S.Ayık, Y.Abe, A.Gokalp and O.Yılmaz
Physical Review E 73, 046114 (2006)
26. Analysis of the Raman frequencies of a lattice mode in NH4Cl close to the tricritical and second order phase transitions
H. Yurtseven, M.H. Tümkaya
Chemical Physics 323 (2006) 574-578
27. The possible effects of non-universal extra dimensions on t?Cli-lj+ Ho?ho(Ao)li-lj+ decays in the general two Higgs Doublet model
E.O. İltan
Phys.Scr. 73 (2006) 531-538
28. Effect of Isomorphic Atom Substitution on the Lattice Parameters and the Optical Absorption Edge of TlGaSe2 Mixed Crystals
N.M. Gasanly
Journal of the Korean Physical Society, Vol.48, No.5, (2006), pp. 914-918
29. Bound Energy Masses of Mesons Containing the Fourth Generation and Iso-Singlet Quarks
Sameer M. Ikhdair, Ramazan Sever
Internationl Jouranl of Modern Physics A, Vol.21, No.10 (2006) 2191-2199
30. The effect of the location of the new Higgs doublet on the radiative lepton flavor violating decays in the split fermion scenario
E.O. İltan
Eur.Phys.J.C 46, 475-485 (2006)
31. Lepton flavor violating Z?L1+l2- decay in the split fermion scenario in the two Higgs doublet model
E.O. İltan
Eur.Phys.J.C 46, 487-495 (2006)
32. Polarization effects in exclusive semileptonic ?b???+?- decay
Takhmasib M. Aliev and Mustafa Savcı
Published by Inst. Of Physics Publishing For SISSA (2006)
33. Non-Uniform Axial Electric Field in Argon Glow Discharge Plasma
D.Akbar, S.Bilikmen
Chin.Phys.Lett. Vol.23, No.5 (2006)
34. Light illumination effect on the electrical and photovoltaic properties of In6S7 crystals
A.F. Qasrawi and N.M. Gasanly
J.Phys.Condens.Matter 18 (2006) 4609-4614
35. Single wall bamboo shaped carbon nanotube: A molecular dynamics and electronic study
O.B. Malcıoğlu, E. Taşçı, Ş.Erkoç
Int. Journal of Modern Physics C Vol.17, Number 2 (2006)
36. Intensity-dependent refractive index of a pöschl-Teller quantum well
Hasan Yıldırım and Mehmet Tomak
Journal of Applied Physics 99 093103 (2006)
37. Excitation intensity and temperature-dependent photoluminescence and optical absorption in Tl4Ga3lnSe8 layered crystals
K.Gökşen, N.M. Gasanly and R.Turan
Cryst.Res.Technol. 41, No.8, 822-828 (2006)
38. Significance of the excitonic intensity borrowing in the J-/H-aggregates of bacteriochlorophylls/chlorophylls
Demet Gülen
Photosynthesis Research (2006) 87:205-214
39. Optical absorption of a quantum well with an adjustable asymmetry
H.Yıldırım and M. Tomak
Eur.Phys. J.B 50, 559-564 (2006)
40. On the problem of constraints in nonextensive formalism: A quantum mechanical treatment
G.B. Bağcı, Altuğ Arda, Ramazan Sever
Int. Journal of Modern Physics B Vol.20, No.14 (2006) 2085-2092
41. Determination of trapping center parameters of Tl2InGaS4-layered crystals by thermally stimulated current measurements
Nader A.P. Mogaddam, N.S. Yuksek, N.M. Gasanly, H.Ozkan
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 417 (2006) 23-28
42. de Sitter group as a symmetry for optical decoherence
S.Baskal and Y.S. Kim
J.Phys. A: Math.Gen. 39 (2006) 7775-7788
43. Controlled Formation of the Two-Dimensional TTBC J-Aggregates in an Aqueous Solution
Burak Birkan, Demet Gülen and Serdar Özçelik
J.Phys. Chem. B 2006, 110. 10805-10813
44. Analysis of exclusive Bs?Dso (2317) ?n? decay with QCD sum rules
T.M. Aliev and M. Savcı
Physical Review D 73, 114010 (2006)
45. Visible photoluminescence from chain Tl4In3GaSe8 semiconductor
N.M. Gasanly and K.Gökşen
J.Phys: Condns.Matter 18 (2006) 6057-6064
46. Optical properties of TllnS2 layered single crystals near the absorption edge
A.F. Qasrawi and N.M. Gasanly
J.Mater Sci 41 (2006) 3569-3572
47. Ion beam synthesis and characterization of Ge nanoparticles in SiO2
U.V.Desnica, M.Buljan, P.Dubcek, Z.Siketic, I,Bogdanovic Radovic, S.Bernstorff, U.Serincan, R.Turan
N.Inst. And Methods in Physics Research B 249 (2006) 843-846
48. Thermally stimulated currents in layered semiconductor Tl4In3GaS8
N.M. Gasanly, H.Ozkan and N.A.P Mogaddam
Semicond. Sci.Technol.21 (2006) 1250-1255
49. Analysis of the semileptonic Bc®BuL+L- decay from QCD sum rules
T.M. Aliev and M. Savcı
Eur.Phys. J.c 47, 413-421 (2006)
50. Recent timing studies on RXTE observations of 4U 1538-52 (Research Note)
A.Baykal, S.Ç.İnam and E.Beklen
A&A 453, 1037-1040 (2006)
51. Evidence of a change in the long-term spin-down rate of the X-ray pulsar 4U 1907+09
A.Baykal, S.Ç.İnam and E.Beklen
Mon.Not.R.Astron.Soc. 369, 1760-1764 (2006)
52. Spatial variations of non-uniform argon glow discharge
D.Akbar, S. Bilikmen and H.Akbar
Czechoslovak Jouranl of Physics, Vol.56 (2006), Suppl.B
53. Ambipolar Diffusion in Direct-Current Positive Column with Variations in Radius of DischargeTube
D.Akbar, S.Bilikmen
Chin.Phys.Lett. Vol.23, No.9 (2006) 2498
54. Transport studies of carbon-rich a SiCx:H film through admittance and deep-level transient spectroscopy measurements
İ.Atılgan, O.Özdemir, B.Akaoğlu, K.Sel, B.Katırcıoğlu
Philosophical Magazine, Vol.86, No.19, 1 July.2006, 2771-2796
55. Structural and electronic properties of c-BN(110) surface and surface point defects
Hatice Kökten and Şakir Erkoç
I.Jour. Of Modern Physics C, Vol.17, No.6 (2006) 795-803
56. Density functional theory calculations for (C2H4N2O6)n (n=0, +1, -1)KİMYA BÖLÜMÜ
Lemi Türker, Şakir Erkoç
J.of Hazardous Materials A136 (2006) 164-169
57. "Comment on ""Modelling complexes of H2 molecules in fullerenes"" by H.Dodziuk (Chem.Phys.Lett.410 (2005) 39)"
Lemi Türker, Şakir Erkoç
Chemical Physics Letters 426 (2006) 222-223
58. Polarizabilities and second hypepolarizabilities of ZnmCdn clusters
M.G. Papadopoulos, H.Reis, A.Avramopoulos, Ş.Erkoç and L.Amirouche
Molecular Physics, Vol.104, Nos.13-14, 10-20 July 2006, 2027-2036
59. Thermally stimulated current Observation of Trapping Centers in an undoped Tl4Ga3InSe8 layered single crystal
N.M. Gasanly, N.A.P. Mogaddam and H.Özkan
Cryst.Res.Technol. 41, No.11, 1100-1105 (2006)
60. Luminescence from silicon nanoparticles in SiO2: atomic force microscopy and transmission electron microscopy studies
J.Mayandi, T.G. Finstad, B.Foss, A.Thogersen, U.Serincan and R.Turan
Phys. Scr. T126 (2006) 77-80
61. A Systematic study on nonrelativistic quarkonium interaction
Sameer M. Ikhdair, Ramazan Sever
Inter.Journal of Modern Physics A Vol.21, Nos.19&20 (2006) 3989-4002
62. Structural Properties of Copper Nanoparticles: Modified Diffusion Monte Carlo Simulations
Nazım Dugan, Prof. Dr. Şakir Erkoç
International Journal of Modern Physics C Vol.17, No 8 (2006) 1171-1177
63. Structural and Electronic Properties of Dipropyl Sulfide: A Theoretical Investigation
Emine Deniz Çalışır, Prof. Dr. Şakir Erkoç
International Journal of Modern Physics C Vol.17, No 8 (2006) 1179-1190
64. New supersymmetric solutions in N=2 matter coupled AdS3 Supergravities
Nihat Sadik Deger, Özgür Sarıoğlu
Published by Inst. Of Physics Publishing For SISSA (2006)
65. Nonlinear intersubband optical absorption of Si ?-doped GaAs under an electric field
Hasan Yıldırım and Mehmet Tomak
phys.stat.sol.(b) 243, No.12, 2874-2881 (2006)
66. Gardner's deformations of the Boussinesq equations
Atalay Karasu and Arthemy V Kiselev
J.Phys. A: Math.Gen. 39 (2006) 11453-11460
67. Improved properties of BaFe12O19 prepared by ammonium nitrate melt technique and washed in HCl
Ugur Topal, Husnu Ozkan, Kevser Gocmen Topal
J.of Alloys and Compound 422 (2006) 276-278
68. Spectroscopic modifications of Pippard relations: Tricritical phase transition in NH4Cl
H.Yurtseven, F. Eraslan
J.of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer 102 (2006) 513-518
69. Pressure dependence of the Raman frequencies for the translational mode in ammonia solid II
J.of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer 102 (2006) 409-417
70. Scalar Waves in a Wormhole Topology
Necmi Buğdaycı
I.Jour. Of Modern Physics D, Vol.15, No.5 (2006)
71. The Electronic Band Structure of AlN, AlSb, AlAs and Their Ternary Alloys With ln
Rezek Mohammad and Şenay Katırcıoğlu
I.Journal of Modern Physics B Vol.20, No.22 (2006) 3199-3221
72. Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions of woods-saxon potential in Pt-symmetric quantum mechanics
A.Berkdemir, C.Berkdemir, R.Sever
Modern Physics Letters A Vol. 21, No.27 (2006) 2087-2097
73. Electroluminescence generated by a metal oxide semiconductor light emitting diode (MOS-LED) with Si nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 layers by ion implantation
M.Kulakci, U.Serincan and R.Turan
Institute of Physics Publishing, Semicond.Sci.Technol.21 (2006) 1527-1532
74. Formation of silicon nanocrystals in sapphire by ion implantation and the origin of visible photoluminescence
S.Yerci, S.Tokay, M.Genisel, A.Aydınlı, R.Turan
Journal of Applied Physics 100, 074301 (2006)
75. Anisotropic behaviors in polycrystalline Cd-doped GaSe thin films
T.Çolakoğlu, M.Parlak
J.Matter Sci: Mater Electron (2006) 17:1017-1024
76. Structural, electrical and optical properties of Ge implanted GaSe single crystals grown by Bridgman technique
H.Karaağaç, M.Parlak, O.Karabulut, U.Serincan, R.Turan and B.G.Akınoğlu
Cryst.Res.Technol.41, No:12, 1159-1166 (2006)
77. Systematical approach to the exact solution of the Dirac-equation for a deformed form of the Woods-Saxon potential
Cüneyt Berkdemir, Ayşe Berkdemir and Ramazan Sever
78. Atomic and electronic structure of Sr/Si(001)-(2x2)
M.Çakmak, E.Mete, Ş.Ellialtioğlu
Surface Science 600 (2006) 3614-3618
79. Pulsar braking indices, glitches and energy dissipation in neutron stars
M.Ali Alpar and Altan Baykal
Mon.Not.R.Astron.Soc. 372, 489-496 (2006)
80. Possible manifestation of new scalar interaction in P-odd asymmetries in ?b??t+t- decay
T.M.Aliev, M.Savcı
Eur.Phys.J.C. 48, 117-123 (2006)
81. Influences of carbon content and power density on the uniformity of PECVD grown a-Si1-x:Cx:H thin films
B.Akaoglu, A.Gulses, I.Atilgan, B.Katircioglu
Science Direct Vacuum 81 (2006) 120-125
82. Structural, Electronic and Qsar Properties of the cyfluthrin molecule: A theoretical AM1 and PM3 Treatment
Emine Deniz Çalışır and Şakir Erkoç
Int.J. Of Modern Physics C, Vol.17, No.10 (2006) 1391-1402
83. Conformal properties of charges in scalar-tensor gravities
S.Deser and Bayram Tekin
Class. Quantum Grav. 23 (2006) 7479-7482
84. Influence of isomorphic atom substitutiton on lattice anisotropy of thallium dichalcogenide layered mixed crystals
N.M. Gasanly
Acta Physica Polonica A, Vol. 110 (2006) No.4
85. Topologically massive gravity as a Pais-Uhlenbeck oscillator
Özgür Sarıoğlu and Bayram Tekin
Class. Quantum Grav. 23 (2006) 7541-7549
86. Acoustic phonons scattering mobility and carrier effective mass in In6S7 crystals
A.F. Qasrawi and N.M. Gasanly
J.of Alloys and Compounds 426 (2006) 64-66
87. Stock mechanics: predicting recession in S&P500, DJIA and NASDAQ
Çağlar Tuncay
Central European J.of Physics, 4(1) 2006 58 72
88. Socioeconophysics: Opinion Dynamics for Number of Transactions and Price, a Trader Based Model
Çağlar Tuncay
Int.J. Of Modern Physics C, Vol.17, No.10 (2006)
89. Components of detector response function: Monte Carlo simulations and experiment
Rengin Peköz and Cüneyt Can
X-Ray Spectrom. 2006, 35, 347-351
90. The effect of the Gaussian profile of the new Higgs doublet on the radiative lepton flavor violating decay
Eur.Phys.J.C. 48, 605-612 (2006)
91. Meson-octet-baryon couplings using light cone QCD sum rules
T.M. Aliev, A.Ozpineci, S.B. Yakovlev, and V. Zamiralov
Physical Review D 74, 116001 (2006)
92. Stock Mechanics: A General Theory and Method of Energy Conservation with Applications on DJIA
Çağlar Tuncay
Int.Journal of Modern Physics C, Vol.17, No.11 (2006) 1-12
93. Gravitational charges of transverse asymptotically AdS spacetimes
Hakan Cebeci, Özgür Sarıoğlu, Bayram Tekin
Physical Review D 74, 116001 (2006)
94. Structural, thermodynamical, and transport properties of undercooled binary Pd-Ni alloys
S.Ozdemir Kart, M. Tomak, M.Uludoğan, T.Çağın
Materials Science and Engineering A 435-436 (2006) 736-744
95. Exciation and Temperature Tuned Photoluminescence in Tl2In2S3Se Layered Crystals
I.Güler, K.Gökşen and N.M. Gasanly
Acta Physica Polonica A, Vol.110 (2006) No.6
96. A Perturbative Treatment for the Energy Levels of Neutral Atoms
Sameer M.Ikhdair, Ramazan Sever
Int. Jour. Of Modern Physics A, Vol.21, No.31 (2006) 6465-6476
97. Calculation of the Bc Leptonic Decay Constant Using the Shifted N-Expansion Method
Sameer M.Ikhdair, Ramazan Sever
Int. Jour. Of Modern Physics A, Vol.21, No.32 (2006) 6699-6714
98. The inclination angle and mass of the black hole in XTE J1118+480
Gelino DM, Balman S, Kiziloglu U, et al.
Astrophysıcal Journal 642 (1): 438-442 Part 1 May 1 2006
99. The detection of a 3.5 hr period in the classical nova Velorum 1999 (V382 Vel) and the long-term behavior of the Nova light curve
Balman S, Retter A, Bos M
Astronomıcal Journal 131 (5): 2628-2633 May 2006
100. Status of the ROTSE-III telescope network
Yost SA, Aharonian F, Akerlof CW, Kiziloglu U, Et Al.
Astronomısche Nachrıchten 327 (8): 803-805 2006
101. The anomalous early afterglow of GRB 050801
Rykoff ES, Mangano V, Yost SA, Kiziloglu U. et al.
Astrophysıcal Journal 638 (1): L5-L8 Part 2 Feb 10 2006
102. The neutralino mass: Correlation with the charginos
Boz M, Pak NK
Modern Physıcs Letters A 21 (20): 1609-1623 Jun 28 2006
103. Polarization effects in exclusive semileptonic Lambda(b) -> Lambda l(+) l(-)
Aliev TM, Savci M
Journal Of Hıgh Energy Physıcs (5): Art. No. 001 May 2006
104. Polynomial solutions of the Schrodinger equation for the generalized Woods-Saxon potential (vol 72, 027001, 2005)
Berkdemir C, Berkdemir A, Sever R
Physıcal Revıew C 74 (3): Art. No. 039902 Sep 2006
105. XPS study of pulsed Nd : YAG laser oxidized Si
Aygun G, Atanassova E, Kostov K, Turan R
Journal Of Non-Crystallıne Solıds 352 (28-29): 3134-3139 Aug 15 2006
106. Temperature- and excitation intensity-dependent photoluminescence in Ga4Se3S layered crystals
Goksen K, Gasanly NM, Seyhan A, Turan R
Materıals Scıence And Engıneerıng B-Solıd State Materıals For Advanced Technology 127 (1): 41-46 Feb 15 2006
107. Structural and electronic properties of the DPPC molecule
S. Erkoc, F. Korkmaz
Int. J. Mod. Phys. C 17, 967(2006)
108. Theoretical comparative study of the structure, dynamics and electronic properties of two Allyl molecules: Allicin, Methyl Propyl Disulfide (MPD) and Allyl Methyl Sulfide (AMS)
H. Yildirim, A. Kara, T.S. Rahman, E.D. Calisir, S. Erkoc, M. Selvi, F. Erkoc
Int. J. Pure Appl. Chem. 1, 171(2006)
109. Structural and electronic features of Daidzein molecule
F. Erkoc, M. Yilmazer, S. Erkoc
Int. J. Pure Appl. Chem. 1, 183(2006)
110. Critical behaviour of the Raman frequency shifts in the vicinity of the lambda-phase transition in NH4Br
Yurtseven H, Unlu Z
Hıgh Temperature Materıals And Processes 25 (3): 143-147 2006
111. Critical behaviour of the polarization, tilt angle, electric susceptibility and the specific heat close to the SmA-ferroelectric SmC (SmC*) phase transitions
Yurtseven H, Bellici S, Kilit E
Ferroelectrics 344: 327-336 2006