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1. Light cone QCD sum rules analysis of the axial N ->Delta transition form factors
T.M. Aliev, K. Azizi, A. Özpineci
Nuclear Physics A 799 (2008) 105 - 126
2. Probing little Higgs model in e+e-?nn? ptocess
T.Aliev, O.Çakır
Eur. Phys. J. C 54, 149 - 158 (2008) DOI 10.1140/epjc/s10052-007-0505-2
3. Unparticle physics effects in Lambda(b)->Lambda plus missing energy processes
T.M. Aliev¹,M.Savcı*
physics Letters B 662 (2008) 165-177
4. Magnetic moments of heavy Xi Q baryons in light cone QCD sum rules
T.M.Aliev,*K.Azizi,+ and A.Ozpineci +
PHYSİCAL Revıew D 77, 114006 (2008)
5. Nucleon electromagnetic form factors in QCD
T.M.Aliev,*K.Azizi,+ and A.Ozpineci,? M.Savci§
"PHYSICAL REVIEW D 77,114014 (2008) (Received 17 March 2008; published 13 june 2008)"
6. Thermal QCD sum rules for sigma(600) meson
Elşen Veli veliev¹ and T.M Aliev²
J.phys .G: Nucl.Part phys. 35 (2008) 125002 (9 pp)
7. Unparticle effects in rare t -> cgg decay
Author(s): Aliev TM, Bekmezci A, Savci M
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW D Volume: 78 Issue: 5 Article Number: 057701 Published: SEP 2008
8. Recent RXTE/ASM and ROTSEIIId observations of EXO 2030+375 (V2246 Cygni)
A.Baykal, Ü.Kızıloğlu, N.Kızıloğlu, E.Beklen, and M.Özbey
A&A 479, 301 - 306 (2008) DOI: 10. 1051/0004-6361:20078721
9. Atomic and electronic structure of Bi/GaAs (001) - ?2(2 x 4)
D Usanmaz1,M Çakmak 1 and Ş Ellialtıoğlu
J.phys: Condens Matter 20 (2008) 265003 (5pp)
10. Functionality of C(4,4) carbon nanotube as molecular detector
Osman Barış Malcıoğlu and Şakir Erkoç
Journal of Nanoscrince and Nanotechnology Vol.8.469-478.2008
11. Quantum chemical treatment of Li/Li+ doped defected carbon nanocapsules
Rengin Peköz and Şakir Erkoç*
Physica E 40 (2008) 2752-2760
12. Density functional theory study on the structural properties and energetics of ZnmTen microclusters
Rengin Peköz, Şakir Erkoç*
Physica E 40 (2008) 2921-2930
13. Structural Properties of Carbon Nanogears
Emre Taşçı, O. Barış Malcıoğlu, and Şakir Erkoç
Fullerenes, Nanotubes, and Carbon Nanostructures, 16: 30-39, 2008
14. Impact of geometry on the hydrogen storage properties of titanium carbide: a dft study on the model tic(4)h(4)
Osman Barış Malcıoğlu, Şakir Erkoç
International Journal of Modern Physics C Vol. 18, No. 12 (2007) 1951 - 1960
15. Stability analysis of graphene nanoribbons by molecular dynamics simulations
N.Dugan and Ş. Erkoç
Phys. Stat. Sol. (b) 245, No. 4, 695 - 700 (2008) / DOI 10.1002/pssb.200743461
16. Li+ and Li lnteractions with Carbon Nonocage Structures
Rengin Peköz and Şakir Erkoç*
2008 American Scientific Publishers
17. Quantum chemical Calculations of Warfarin Sodium, Warfarin and Its metabolites
Emine Deniz (Çalışır) Tekin1,Figen Erko2,İlkay Yıldız3 and Şakir Erkoç1,*
Communicatıons ın Computatıonal physics Vol.4,No.1,pp,161-176
18. Isovector response of nuclear matter at finite temperature
Ayik S, Bozkurt K, Gokalp A, Yılmaz O
ACTA PHYSICA POLONICA B Volume: 39 Issue: 6 Pages: 1413-1427 Published: JUN 2008
19. kappa K*(0)gamma-vertex in light cone QCD sum rules
A.Gokalp,1.*Y.Sarac,2,+ and O.Yılmaz 1,‡
PHYSİCAL REVIEW D 77, 114015(2008)
20. Quntal effects on spionadal instabilities in charge asymmetric nuclear matter
S.Ayik ª?*, N.Er b, O. Yilmaz b, A.Gokalp b
Nuclear physics A812 (2008) 44-57
21. Polarized absorption spectra of highly oriented two-dimensional aggregates of tetrachlorobenzimidazolocarbocyanine in thin films
Serdar Özçelikª?*,Demet Gülenb
Journal of Luminescense 128 (2008) 871 -873
22. Absorption spectrum of monomeric pseudoisocyanine: A new perpective and its implications for formation and spectral response of J-aggregates in solution and in thin film
Demet Gülen ª?*¹, Serdar Özçalikb
Journal of Luminescense 128 (2008) 834 -837
23. Determination of carrier effective mass, impurity energy levels, and compensation ratio in Ga4Se3S layered crystals by Hall effect measurements
A.F.Qasrawi *1,2, and N.M. Gasanly
phys, stat.sol.(a) 205, No.7,1662-1665 (2008) / DOI 10.1002/pssa.200824105
24. Temperature-Tuned Band Gap Energy and Oscillator Parameters of TIInses Layered single Crystals
N.M.Gasanly* and I.Guler
Vol.22,No,22(2008) 3931-3939
25. Refractive index, oscillator parameters and temperature-tuned energy band gap of T14In3GaS8-layered single crystals
K.Goksen and N.M.Gasanly
Journal of physics and Chemistry of solids 69 (2008)
26. Hopping conduction in Ga4SeS layered single crystals
A.F.Qasrawiªb *, and N.M. Gasanlyc
Solid state Communications 148 (2008) 190-193
27. Dark electrical conductivity and photoconductivity of Ga4 Se3S layered single crystals
A.F.Qasrawi ª,b,N.M.Gasanly c
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of solids 69 ( 2008) 2719-2722
28. Space-charge-limited currents and photoconductive properties of Tl2InGaSe4 layered crystals
A.F.Qasrawi ab* and N.M.gasanlyc
Vol.88.No.22,1 August 2008,2899-2906
29. Electron-lattice interaction scattering mobility in Tl2InGaSe4 single crystals
A.F Qasrawi and N M Gasanly
J.phys.:Condens.Matter 20 (2008) 155204 (4pp)
30. Temperature and excitation intensity tuned photoluminescensece in TL4Galn3S8 layered single crystals
K.Goksen and N.M.Gasanly
Cryst.Res technol. 43,No. 5,514-521 (2008) DOI 10.1002/crat.20071 1098
31. Crystal data and indirect optical transitions in Tl2lnGaSe4 crystals
A.F Qasrawiª´*,N.M.Gasanly
Materials Research Bulletin 43 (2008) 1497-1501
32. Optoelectronic properties of Ga4Se3S-layered single crystals
A F Qasrawı 1.2, N M Gasanly3 and K F ılaıwı2
Phys.Scr. 78 (2008) 015701 (4pp)
33. Trap distribution in TlInS2 layered crystals from thermally stimulated current measurements
Isik M, Goksen K, Gasanly NM, et al.
JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY Volume: 52 Issue: 2 Pages: 367-373 Published: FEB 2008
34. Unparticle physics and lepton flavor violating radion decays in the Randall - Sundrum scenario
Eur.Phys.J C 56, 105-112 (2008) DOI 10.1140/epjc/s10052-008-0639-x
35. Lepton flavor violating Z- bason decays induced by scalar unparticle
Eur.Phys.J.C 56,113-118 (2008) DOI 10.1140/ epjc/s10052-008-0644-0
36. The decay tau ->mu(nu)over-bar(i)nu(i) in the Randall-Sundrum background with localized U(1)(Y) gauge boson
E.O.İltan, H.Sundu
Eur. Phys. J. C 53, 591 - 598 (2008) DOI 10.1140/epjc/s10052-007-0482-5
37. The radiative lepton flavor violating decays in the split fermion scenario in the two-higgs doublet model
İnternational Journal of Modern Physics A. Vol.23 No.7 (2008) 1055-1073
38. Lepton flavor violating li?li yy decays induced by scalar unparticle
Modern physics Letters A Vol.23, No.39 (2008)I-9
39. The effects of lepton KK modes on the electric dipole moments of the leptons in the Randall - Sundrum scenario
Eur.Phys.J C 54, 583-590 (2008) DOI 10.1140/epjc/s10052-008-x
40. Lepton flavor violating radion decays in the Randall-Sundrum scenario
Iltan EO, Korutlu B
PHYSICA SCRIPTA Volume: 77 Issue: 6 Article Number: 065101 Published: JUN 2008
41. A new intergrable generalization of the Korteweg-de Vries eguation
Ayşe KARASU-Kalkanlı, 1a) Atalay KARASU 1.b) Anton sakovich, 2,c)
Journal of Mathematical Physiscs 49,073516 (2008)
42. Instability phenomenon originated from the disordered layer of the plasma-deposited BN film / c-Si interface assessed through the MIS structure by admittance measurement
Orhan Özdemir, Mustafa Anutgan, Tamila Aliyeva-Anutgan, İsmail Atılgan and Bayram Katırcıoglu
Semicond Sci. Technol. 23 (2008) 025006 (8pp)
43. Similar admittance behavior of amorphous silicon carbide and nitride dielectrics within the MIS structure
Orhan Özdemir, İsmail Atılgan and Bayram Katırcıoglu
ScienceDirect Vacuum 82 (2008) 566-573
44. Carbon content influence on the optical constants of hydrogenated amorphous silicon carbon alloys
B.Akaoğlu,K.Sel,I.Atilgan, B.Katircioğlu
Science Materials 30 (2008) 1257-1267
45. Effect of heat treatment on the stress and structure evolution of plasma deposited boron nitride thin films
T.Aliyeva Anutgan, M. Anutgan, O. Ozdemir, I. Atılgan, B. Katircioğlu
Surface&Coating Technology 202 (2008) 3058 - 3066
46. Adsorption and dissociation of PH3 on SiGe(100) (2x1) surface
Surfece Review and letters,Vol.15, No.3 (2008) 307-317 ©World Scientific Pıblishing Company
47. The electronic band structure of InN, InAs and InSb cımpounds
Rezek Mohammad·Şenay Katırcıoğlu·
J Mater Sci (2008) 43: 2935-2946 DOI 10.1007/s10853-007-1794-4
48. Electronic structure of capped and uncapped CdS nanoparticles
Ercan I, Katircioglu S
JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY Volume: 8 Issue: 2 Pages: 645-649 Published: FEB 2008
49. Evolution of magnetic and structural properties of TiO2 with Co-doping
Ugur Topal, Hüsnü Özkan, Halil I. Bakan, Oktay Cankur, Kevser Topal
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 354 (2008) 1678-1682
50. Correlations of the temperature and pressure dependencies of the elastic constants of zircon
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 28 (2008) 3091-3095
51. Emulsion sheet doublets as interface trackers for the OPERA experiment
M.Güler et all…
Published by Institute of Physics Publishing and SISSA2008 Jinst 3 P07005
52. Unparticle physics in top pair signals at the LHC and ILC
A.T ALAN1(a) and N.K.PAK2(b)
EPL,84 (2008) 11001 doi: 10.1209/0295-5075/84/11001
53. Unparticle physics in single top signals
A.,T ALAN1(a),N.K.Pak2(b) and A.Senol1(c)
EPL,83 (2008)21001 doi: 10.1209/0295-5075/83/21001
54. Structural characterization of polycrystalline Ag-In-Se thin films deposited by e-beam technique
T. Çolakoğlu, M. Parlak
Applied Surface Science 254 (2008) 1569 - 1577
55. On the profile of frequency dependent series resistance and surface states in Au/Bi4Ti3O12/SiO2/n-Si(MFIS) structures
F.Parlaktürk, Ş. Altındal, A. Tataroğlu, M. Parlak, A. Agasiev
Microelectronic Engineering 85 (2008) 81-88
56. Electrical, photo-electrical, optical and structural properties of CdSe thin films deposited by thermal and e-beam techniques
Ş.M.Huş and M. Parlak
J.Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 41 (2008) 035405 (8pp)
57. Effect of boron implantation on the electrical and photoelectrical properties of e-beam deposited Ag-In-Se thin films
T.Çolakoğlu,M Parlak,M Kulakci and R Turan
J.phys D: Apply.phys.41 (2008) 115308 (9 pp)
58. Investigation of optical parameters of Ag-In-Se thin films deposited by e-beam technigue
T.Çolakoğlua,M Parlaka,*,S.Özderb
Journal of non-Crystalline Solids 354 (2008) 3630-3636
59. The temperature profile and bias dependent series resistance of Au/Bi4Ti3O12/SiO2/n-Si (MFIS) structures
Ş. Altındalª,F.Parlaktürkª,ATataroğluª´*, M.Parlakb,S.N.Sarmasovc, A.A.Agasievc
Vacuum 82 (2008) 12-46-1250
60. Stuctural , optical and magnetic properties of Cd1-x CoxS thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis
E.Bacaksiz ª?*,M.Tomakinb, M.Altunbaşª,M.Parlakc,T.Çolakoğlu
Physica B 403 (2008) 3740-3745
61. Structural, optical and magnetic properties of Zn1- xCoxO thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis
E.Bacaksizª´*,S. Aksu¸ B.M. Basolb, M.Altunbaşª,M.Parlak c, E. Yanmazª
Thin Solid Films 516 (2008) 7899-7902
62. The effects of zinc nitrate, zinc nitrate,zinc acetate and zinc chloride precursors on investigation of structural and optical properties of ZnO thin films
E.Bacaksiz ª?*,M.Parlakc,M.Tomakinc,A. Özçelikª,M.Karakızd, M.Altunbaşª,
Journal of Alloys and optical properties of ZnO thin Films
63. A new approach to the exact solutions of the effective mass Schrodinger equation
Cevdet Tezcan - Ramazan Sever- Özlem Yeşiltaş
Int.J Theor Phys (2008) 47:1713-1721 DOI 10.1007/s 10773-007-9613-x
İnternational Journal of Modern Physics E VOL.17,No.4 (2008) 669-691 © World Scientific publishing Company
65. Bound states of the Klein-Gordon equation for Woods-Saxon potential with position dependent mass
Altuğ ARDA, Ramazan SEVER
İnternetional Journal of Modern Physics C Vol.19, No.5 (2008) 763-773
66. Exact solution of effective mass Schrodinger equation for the Hulthen potential
Ramazan Sever-Cevdet Tezcan-Özlem Yeşiltaş.mahmut Bucurgat
İnt.J Theor phys (2008) 47: 2243-2248
67. Analytical solution of the Schrodinger equation for Makarov potential with any l angular momentum
O.Bayrak.M.Karakoç.I.Boztosun. R.Sever
J Theor phys (2008)
68. Exact Bound States of The D-Dimensional Klein-Gordon Equation Wıth Equal Scalar and Vector Rıng-Shaped Pseudoharmonıc Potential
Vol.19, No 9 ( 2008) 1425-1442
69. Approximate l-state solutions of the D-dimensional Schrodinger equation for Manning-Rosen potential
Sameer M.Ikhdair¹,*,Ramazan Sever²,**
Ann.Phys.(Berlin ) 17,No.11,897-910 (2008)
70. Bound state solution of the Schrödinger equation for Mie potential
Ramazan Sever and Mahmut Bucurgat, Cevdet Tezcan, Özlem Yeşiltaş
Journal of Mathematical Chemistry, Vol. 43, No. 2, February 2008 10.1007/s10910-007-9228-8
71. Exact solution of Schrödinger equation for Pseudoharmonic potential
Ramazan Sever, Cevdet Tezcan, Metin Aktaş, Özlem Yeşiltaş
Journal of Mathematical Chemistry, Vol. 43, No. 2, February 2008 10.1007/s10910-007-9233-y
72. Pseudospin symmetry solution of the Dirac equation with an angle-dependent potential
Cüneyt Berkdemir and Ramazan Sever
J.Phys. A: Math. Theor. 41 (2008) 045302 (11pp) DOI: 10.1088/1751-8113/41/4/045302
73. Exponential type complex and non - Hermitian Potentials Within guantum Hamlton-Jacobi formalism
Özlem Yeşiltaş Ramazan Sever
Journal of Mathematical Chemistry,vol.43,No.3,march 2008 DOI: 10.1007/s 10910-007-9238-6
74. Shape-invariance approach and Hamiltonian hierarchy method on the Woods-Saxon potential for l not equal 0 states
Cüneyt Berkdemir,Ayşe Berkdemir, Ramazan Sever
J.Math Chem (2008) 43: 944-954 DOI 10.1007/s 109 10-007-9335-6
75. Polynomial solutions of the Mie-type potential in the D-dimensional Schrodinger equation
Sameer M.Ikhdairª,Ramazan Sever b,*
Journal of Molecular Structure: THEOCHEM 855 (2008) 13-17
76. PT-Symmetric Solutions of Schrödinger Eguation with Position-Dependent Mass via Point Canonical Transformation
Cevdet Tezcan - Ramazan Sever
Int.J Theor Phys (2008) 47:1471-1478 DOI 10.1007/s 10773-007-9589-6
77. Exact solutions of the modified Kratzer potential plus ring-shaped potential in the d-dimensional Schrodinger equation by the Nikiforov-Uvarov method
Sameer M.Ikhdair,Ramazan Sever
İnternational Journal of Modern Physics C Vol.19,No.2 (2008) 221-235
78. Time Dependence of Joint Entropy of Oscillating Quantum Systems
Ozcan O, Akturk E, Sever R
79. Exact solution of the Schrodinger equation for the modified Kratzer's molecular potential with position-dependent mass
Sever R, Tezcan C
80. Bound-states of a semi-relativistic equation for the PT-symmetric generalized Hulthen potential by the Nikiforov-Uvarov method
Ikhdair SM, Sever R
81. Exact solutions of the D-dimensional Schrodinger equation for a ring-shaped pseudoharmonic potential
Ikhdair SM, Sever R
CENTRAL EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS Volume: 6 Issue: 3 Pages: 685-696 Published: SEP 2008
82. On solutions of the Schrodinger equation for some molecular potentials: wave function ansatz
Ikhdair SM, Sever R
CENTRAL EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS Volume: 6 Issue: 3 Pages: 697-703 Published: SEP 2008
83. Relativistic solution in D-dimensions to a spin-zero particle for equal scalar and vector ring-shaped Kratzer potential
Ikhdair SM, Sever R
CENTRAL EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS Volume: 6 Issue: 1 Pages: 141-152 Published: MAR 2008
84. Quantum information entropies of the eigenstates of the Morse potential
Aydiner E, Orta C, Sever R
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS B Volume: 22 Issue: 3 Pages: 231-237 Published: JAN 30 2008
85. Effective mass Schrodinger equation for exactly solvable class of one-dimensional potentials
Aktas M, Sever R
JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL CHEMISTRY Volume: 43 Issue: 1 Pages: 92-100 Published: JAN 2008
86. Excitonic effect on the nonlinear optical properties of small quantum dots
İ Karabulut.1 H.Şafak.1 and Mehmet Tomak 2
J.Phys.D: Appl.phys. 41(2008) 155104 (8 pp)
87. Intersubband resonant enhancement of the nonlinear optical properties in compositionally asymmetric and interdiffused quantum wells
İ Karabulut.1 H.Şafak.1 and Mehmet Tomak 2
Journal of applied Physics 103.103116 (2008)
88. Can Sobolev Inequality Be Written for Sharma-Mittal Entropy?
Akturk OU, Akturk E, Tomak M
89. QCD sum rules study of meson-baryon sigma terms
Erkol G, Oka M, Turan G
PHYSICAL REVIEW D Volume: 78 Issue: 9 Article Number: 094003 Published: NOV 2008
90. A Figure of Merit for Optimization of Nonocrystal Flash Memory Design
Aykutlu Dâna¹,Imran Akca¹,Atilla Aydınlı¹’*,Raşit Turan², and Terje G.Finstad³
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Vol.8, 510-517,2008
91. Electrical and ellipsometry study of sputtered SİO2 structures With embedded Ge nanocrystals
Applied Surface Science 254 (2008) 3626-3629
92. Temperature cycling of MOS-based radiation sensors
Ercan Yilmazª’*,Raşit Turan
Sensors and Actuators A 141 (2008) 1-5
93. Formation of Ge Nanıcrystals in Al2O3 Matrix
S.Yerci¹’*,M.Kulaci¹,U.Serincan¹,R.Turan¹,M.Shandalov²,and Y.Golan²
Journal of Nanosciense and Nanotechnology Vol.8.759-763,2008
94. Evaluation of the Radiative Recombination mechanism in Si Nanocrystals Embedded in Silica matrix
Marcofabio Righini¹,Andrea Gnoli¹’²’*,Luca Razzari¹,Uğur Serincan³, and Raşit Turan³
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Vol.8, 823-827.2008
95. The quantum confined Stark effect in silicon nonocrystals
Mustafa Kukaci¹,Ugur Serincan²,Raşit Turan¹and Terje G Finstad³
Nanotechnology 19 (2008) 455403 ( 5 pp)
96. structurel and optical properties of porous nanocrystalline Ge
G:Kartopu1,4,a),A.V.Sapelkin2, V.A.Karavanskii3,U Serincan4,b), and R.Turan4
Journal of Applied Physics 103.113518 (2008)
97. Electrical and dielectrical properties of tantalum oxide films grown by Nd: YAG laser assisted oxidation
Thin Solid Films 517 (2008) 994-999
98. Applications of ions produced by low intensity repetitive laser pulses for implantation into semiconductor materials
J.Wolowskia*,J Badziaka,A.Czaneckaa,P.Parysa,M.Pisarekb,M.Rosinskia,R.Turanc and S.Yercic
Vol.163,Nos.4-6, April-june 2008,589-595
99. Thermal avtivation energy of crystal and amorphous nano-silicon in SiO2 matrix
Jiwei Wanga,*,Marcofabio Righinia,Andrea Gnolia,Steinar Fossb,Terje Finstadb,Ugur Serincanc,Raşit Turanc
Solid state Communications 147 (2008) 461-464
100. Raman and XRD studies of Ge nonocrystals in alumina films grown by RF-magnetron sputtering
Vacuum 82 (2008) 1466-1459
101. 2 -D analysis of Ge implanted SiO2 surfaces by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Şerife Yalçına,*,sabiha Örera,Raşit Turanb
Spectochimica Acta Part B 63 (2008) 1130-1138
102. Phase separation in SiGe nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 matrix during high temperature annealing
N.A.P.Mogaddam, 1,a) A.S.Alagoz,1,3 S.Yerci,1,4 R.Turan,1,S.Foss2 and T.G.Finstad2
Journal of Applıed Physics 104, 124309(2008)
103. Use of Al2O3 layer as a dielectric in MOS based radiation sensors fabricated on a Si substrate
Yilmaz E, Dogan I, Turan R
NUCLEAR INST. & METH. IN PHY. RESEARCH SECTION ... Volume: 266 Issue: 22 Pages: 4896-4898 Published: NOV 2008
104. Photoluminescence spectra of nitrogen implanted GaSe crystals
Journal of Luminescense 128 (2008) 1551-1555
105. Production and decay of the 73 Ge *(1/2¯) metestable state in a low -background germanium detector
H.Y Liao 1,2, H M Chang 1,2 M.H Chou 1,M Deniz 1,3,H X huang 1,4 F.S Lee1 H B Li 1,J Li5,6 ,C W Lin ! F.K Lin1, ST Linb 1, V singh 1 , H T Wong 1 and S Wu 1 (Texono Collaboration )
J.Phys.G: Nucl.Part.Phys.35 (2008) 077001 (14 pp)
106. Comparison of electron and hole charge-discharge dynamics in germanium nanocrystal flash memories
Akca IB, Dana A, Aydinli A, R.Turan
APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS Volume: 92 Issue: 5 Article Number: 052103 Published: FEB 4 2008
107. Calculation of a Temperature-Concentration Phase Diagram of Mixed LiK1-xRbxSO4 Crystals
Hamit YURTSEVEN* and Sema SEN
Japanese Journal Of Applied Physics Vol.47,No.4, 2008,pp,2217-2220
108. Temperature dependence of the Raman bandwidths for the lattice and internal modes in ammonium halides close to the ?-phase transitions
Hamit YURTSEVEN*,T.U.Tüzer
Spectrochimica Acta Part A 70 (2008) 445-448
109. Analysis of the Raman intensities near the phase transitions in ammonium halides
Yurtseven H, Tuzer TU
SPECTROCHIMICA ACTA PART A-MOLECULAR AND .. Volume: 71 Issue: 3 Pages: 862-868 Published: DEC 1 2008
110. Analysis of the Spontaneous Polarization and the Dielectric Constant Near the Ferroelectric Phase Transition in TSCC
Yurtseven H, Kavruk D
FERROELECTRICS Volume: 367 Pages: 190-200 Published: 2008
111. Pippard relations applied to the lambda-phase transition in NH4Br
Yurtseven H, Yanik A, Sen S
SPECTROCHIMICA ACTA PART A-MOLECULAR AND .. Volume: 71 Issue: 1 Pages: 105-109 Published: NOV 1 2008
112. Temperature and pressure dependence of molar volume in solid phases of ammonia near the melting point
Yurtseven H, Karacali H
JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR LIQUIDS Volume: 142 Issue: 1-3 Pages: 88-94 Published: AUG 20 2008
113. Temperature dependence of the polarization and tilt angle under an electric field close to the smectic AC* phase transition in a ferroelectric liquid crystal
Yurtseven H, Kilit E
FERROELECTRICS Volume: 365 Pages: 280-+ Published: 2008
114. Calculation of the dielectric constant as a function of temperature near the smectic AC* phase transition in ferroelectric liquid crystals
Kilit E, Yurtseven H
FERROELECTRICS Volume: 365 Pages: 288-+ Published: 2008
115. Temperature dependence of the specific heat of anisaldazine close to phase transitions
Kilit E, Yurtseven H
JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR LIQUIDS Volume: 140 Issue: 1-3 Pages: 84-86 Published: APR 15 2008
116. Linear variations of the thermodynamic quantities in the liquid phase of carbon tetrachloride close to the melting point
Yurtseven H, Kavruk D
JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR LIQUIDS Volume: 139 Issue: 1-3 Pages: 117-120 Published: MAR 15 2008
117. Critical behaviour of the thermodynamic quantities near the melting point in the solid phase of hexadecane
Yurtseven H, Tilki O
INDIAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS AND PROCEEDINGS OF .. Volume: 82 Issue: 1 Pages: 105-115 Published: JAN 2008
118. T-P phase diagram for ice
H.Yurtseven(1)(*)Y.ENGINER(2),S.Salihoğlu(3) and S.Şen (1)
İL Nouvo Cımento DOI 10.1393/ncb /i2008-10558-x
119. The CMS experiment at the CERN LHC
Chatrchyan S, Hmayakyan G, Khachatryan, Zeyrek M V, et al.
JOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION Volume: 3 Article Number: S08004 Published: AUG 2008
120. Design, performance, and calibration of CMS hadron-barrel calorimeter wedges
Abdullin S, Abramov V, Acharya B, Zeyrek M et al.
EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C Volume: 55 Issue: 1 Pages: 159-171 Published: MAY 2008
121. Design, performance, and calibration of CMS forward calorimeter wedges
Abdullin S, Abramov V, Acharya B, Zeyrek M et al.
EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C Volume: 53 Issue: 1 Pages: 139-166 Published: JAN 2008
122. Design, performance, and calibration of the CMS hadron-outer calorimeter
Abdullin S, Abramov V, Acharya B, Zeyrek M et al.
EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C Volume: 57 Issue: 3 Pages: 653-663 Published: OCT 2008
123. RR Pic (1925): a Chandra X-ray view
Y.Pekön * and Ş.Balman
Mon.Not.R.Astron.Soc.388,921-926 (2008)
124. Preliminary Osl Studies On Beıge Sepiolites
Enver Bulur *
Radiation Protection Dosimetry(2008)
125. Cotton Flow
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