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1. Mass and magnetic moments of the heavy flavored baryons with J=3/2 in light cone QCD sum rules
Nuclear physics b 808 (2009) 137-154
2. Unparticle effects on top guark rare decays
T.M.Alieva,1,O Çakirb,c,K.O.Ozansoyc,*
Physics Letters B 670( 2009)336-339
3. Approximate analytical solutions of the KLEİN-gordon eguation for the Hulthen potential with the position-dependent mass
Altuğ Arda1,Ramazan Sever2,and Cevdet Tezcan 3
Phys.Scr.79 (2009)0150006(5pp)
4. On the space and time evolution of regular or irregular human heart or brain signals
EPL,85( 2009) 10002
5. Scalar Fo and a0 mesons in radiative ø?K+K-y decay
A.Gokalp, F.Ozturk,O.Yilmaz
physics Letters B 671( 2009)339-373
6. Electrical and photoelectrical properties of Ag-In-Se thin films evaporeted by e-beam technigue
Tahir Çolakoğlu, Mehmet Parlak
j.phys D: Appl phys.42 (2009) 035416(8pp)
7. The synthesis of nanocrystalline YIG in ammonium nitrate melt
Hüseyin Sözeria,*,Nader Ghazanfarib
Materials Chemistry and physics 113(2009) 977-981
8. Investigation of structure-spectroscopy-function relationship of two-dimensional j-aggregates of tetrachlorobenzimidazolocarbocyanine preferentially oriented in poly-vinly-alcohol thin films
Demet Gülen a,*,Onur Atasoylub, Serdar Özçelik b,*
Chemical Physics 355( 2009) 73-80
9. Coment on `A second anti- de Sitter universe'
Özgür Sarıoğlu and Bayram Tekin
Class.Quantum Grav. 26(2009) 048001 (2 pp)
10. The electronic band structures of InNxAs1-As1-x, InNXSb1-x and InAsxSb1-x alloys
Rezek Mohammad, şenay Katırcıoğlu
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 469(2009) 504-511
11. Path Integral Solutions of PT-/Non -PT- Symmetric and Non-Hermitian Morse Potentials
Nalan Kandirmaz1 and Ramazan sever2
Chinese Journal of Physics Vol.47,No.1 (2009)
12. Electroluminescence properties of a PIN structure made by nearly stoichiometric a SİCx:H active layer
Kıvanç Sela,* Bariş Akaoğlub,Orhan Ozdemirc,İsmail Atılgand
Vacuum 83 (2009) 813-818
13. Semileptonic D4?K1 ?? and nonleptonic D?K1 ? decays in three-point QCD sum rules and factorization approach
R.Khosravi, 1,* K.AZİZİ, 2,+ AND n.Ghahramany 1,+
Physical Revıew D 79,036004 (2009)
14. Genetic algorithm-Monte Carlo hybrid geometry optimization method for atomic clusters
Nazım Dugan, Şakir Erkoç*
Computational Materials Science 45 (2009)127-132
15. Temperature-tuned band gap energy and oscillator parameters of TI2 InGaSe4 semiconducting layered single crystals
Cryst.Res Technol 44, No.3,322-326(2009)/ DOI 10.1002/crat.200800369
16. Determination of trapping parameters in n-Ga4Se3S by thermally stimulated current measurements
K.Goksena* and N.M Gasanlyb
Philosophical Magazine Vol.89,No 5, 11 February 2009, 435-447
17. Temperature-and photo-excitation effects on the electrical properties of T14Se3S crystals
A.F Qasrawi 1,2,4 and N M Gasanly3
j.phys Matters 21 (2009) 115801 (4 pp)
18. Modelling of a continuous optical dischage stabilized by a gas flow in guasi-optical approximation
I R Rafatov1,B.Yedierler1 and E B Kulumbaev2
J.Phys.D: Appl.Phys.42 (2009) 055212 (8pp)
19. Genetic algorithm Application to the Structural Properties of Si-Ge Mixed Clusters
Nazım Dugan and Şakir Erkoç
Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 24: 250-254, 2009
20. Calcuiation of the phase dagram using the landau-mean-field theory for K2S2O7-KHSO4
S.Şen, H.Yurtseven*
Journal of Molecular Liguids 145 (2009) 48-50
21. Effects of annealing on structural, electical and optical properties of AgGA(Se0,5S0,5) 2 thin films deposited by using sintered stoichometric powder
H.Karaagac and M.Parlak
Cryst.res.technol., 1-7 (2009)
22. Effects of annealing on structural, and morphological properties of e-beam evaporated AgGaSE2 thin films
H.Karaagac , M.Parlak*
Applied surface Science 255 ( 2009)
23. Any l-state improved guasi-exact analytical solutions of the spatially dependent mass Klein-Gordon eguation for the scalar and vector Hulth?n potentials
Sameer M Ikhdair1 and Ramazan Sever
phys. Scr.79(2009) 035002(12 pp)
24. Electrical properties and photoconductivity of polyaniline/sulfonated poly(arylene ether sulfone )composite films
Nurdan D.Sankir-Mehmet Sankir.Mehmet Parlak
Appl phys.A(2009) 95:589-594
25. An Alternative Interpretation for the Spectral Response of Self-Assembled Pseudoisocyanine J-Aggregates in Agueous Solution Dekanlıktan iade edildi
Demet Gülen
Copyright C 2009 American Scientific Publishers
26. Effects of annealing on structural, electrical and optical properties of AgGa(Se0,5S0,5)2 thin films deposited by using sintered stoichometric powder
H.Karaagac and M.Parlak
Cryst.res.technol., 1-7 (2009)
27. Radiative decays of the heavy Flavored baryons in light cone QCD sum rules
Physical Revıew D 79,056005(2009)
28. Approximate Solutions of the Effective Mass Klein-Gordon Eguation for the Hulthen Potential with Any Angular Momentum
Altuğ Arda-Ramazan Sever
Int.J Theor Phys (2009) 48:945-951
29. Exact quantization rule to the Kretzer-type potentials: an application the diatomic molecules
Sameer M Ikhdair1 and Ramazan Sever
J.Math Chem (2009) 45:1137-1152
30. Pt-incorporated anataseTİO2(001) surface for solar cell applications: First-principles density functional theory calculations
E.Mete,D.Uner, O.Gülseren, and Ş. Ellialtıoğlu
Physical Revıew B 79,125418(2009)
31. Structure prediction and CO oxidation on alumina supported pd-pt mono- and bi-metallic cataysts
S.Kaya,E.Erunal,R.Shaltaf,Ş.Ellialtıoğlu D.Uner
Turk J Chem 33 (2009)
32. ?oAo coupling constant inlight cone QCD sum rules
K.Azizi,M.Bayar,and A.Ozpineci
Physical Revıew D 79, 056002 (2009)
33. Improved analytical approximation to arbitrary l-state solutions of the Schrödinger eguation for the hyperbolical potentials
Sameer M Ikhdair1 and Ramazan Sever
Ann.phys(Berlin) 18.No.4 189-197 (2009)
34. Deep Traps Distribution in TIInS2 Layered Crystals
M.Işık,N.M.gasanly and H.Ozkan
Vol.115( 2009)
35. Note on cosmological Levi-Civita spacetimes in higher dimensions
Özgür Sarıoğlu and Bayram Tekin
physical Review D 79, 087502(2009)
36. Annealing improvement on the localized states of plasma grown boron nitride film assessed through admittance measurements
Orhan Özdemir,Mustafa Anutgan,Tamila Aliyeva-Anutgan,İsmail Atılgan, Bayram Katircioglu
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 475(2009) 794-803
37. Exactly Solvable Effective Mass D-Dimensıonal Schrödınger Equatıon for Pseudoharmonıc and Modıfıed Kratzer Problems
Sameer M Ikhdair1 and Ramazan Sever
Vol.20. NO 3 ( 2009) 361-372
38. Raman linewidths calculated as a function of temperature in NaNo2
H.Karacali,H.Yurtseven and Ali Kiraci
phys.Status B 246,5 1124-1131(2009)
39. Use of Al2O3 layer as a dielectric in MOS based radiation sensors fabricated on a Si substrate
Ercan Yilmaz,İlker Doğan, Raşit Turan
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 206 (2008) 4896-4898
40. Calcuiation of the T-X Phase Diagrams for Binary Mixtures of Cholestanly Myristate-Cholesteryl Myristate and Cholestanyl Myristate-Cholesteryl Oleate
Hamit Yurtseven and Sema Şen
416-428 (2009)
41. Critıcal Behavıor of the Specific heat ın the vicinity of the Transıtıon Temperature For S-Trıazıne
M.Kurt and H.Yurtseven*
Internatıonal Journal of Modern Physiccs B vol .23, No 9 (2009)
42. General tensor Lagragians from the gravitational Higgs mechanism
Durmuş A Demir1 and N.K. Pak
Class.Quantum Grav. 26(2009) 105018 (12 pp)
43. Effects of annealing tempeture on the structural and optical properties of Zn0 hexagonal pyramids
Journalof Alloys and Compounds 478 (2009) 367-370
44. The Structural and electronic properties of BN and BP compounds and BNxP1-x alloys
Rezek Mohammad, şenay Katırcıoğlu
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 478 (2009)531-537
45. PL and XPS depth Profiling of Si/Al2O3 co-sputtered films and evidence of the formation of silicon naocrystals
I.Doğan ,I Yildiz, R.Turan
physics E 41(2009) 976-981
46. Electrical transport mechanism in boron nitride thin film
Orhan Özdemir,Mustafa Anutgan,Tamila Aliyeva-Anutgan,İsmail Atılgan, Bayram Katircioglu
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 355 (2009) 851-859
47. A density functional theory study on the structures and energetics of CdmTen clusters (m+? 6)
Rengin Pekgöz, Şakir Erkoç
Computational Materials Science 45 (2009) 912-920
48. Nonlinear Longiuudinal compression of short laser pulses in the atmosphere
Burak Yedierler
Physics of plasmas 16. 053104(2009)
49. Analysis of the Hall effect in TIGaTe2 single crystals
A.F Qasrawi 1,2,4 and N M Gasanly3
J.Phys:Condens.Matter 21 (2009) 235802 (5pp)
50. The broad-band noise characteristics of selected annomalous X-ray pulsars and soft gamma-ray repeaters
B.Külebi and Ş.Balman
doi:10.1111/j 1365-2966 2009.14712.x
51. An Optical search for supernova remnants in the nearby spiral galaxy NGC 2903 (Researc Note)
E.Sonbas,A.Akyüz S.Balman
DOİ.10.1051/0004-6361 A& A 493.1061-1065 (2009)
52. Variations in the dip properties of the low-mass X- ray binary XB 1254-690 obseved with XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL
M.Dfaz Trigo, A.N.Parmar, L.Boirin,C.Morch, A.Talevera, and S.Balman
A& A 493,145-157 (2009)
53. Self-dual solutions of yang-Mills theory on Euclidean AdS space
Özgür Sarıoğlu and Bayram Tekin
Physical Revıew D 79,104024(2009)
54. Lepton Flavor Vıolatıng Hıggs Decays and Unparticle Physics
Vol.24, No17(2009) 1-9
55. Magnetic dipole, electric guadrupole and magnetic octupole moments of the ? baryons in light cone QCD sum rules
Eur.Phys.J.C(2009) 61: 311-319
56. Asymmetry parameter of K1 (1270, 1400) by analyzing the B?K1vv transition form factors within QCD
Eur.Phys.J.C(2009) 61: 401-410
57. Thermally stimulated current measurements in as- grown TIGaSeS layered single crystals
Tacettin Yıldırım, Nizami M.Gasanly
Current Applied physics 9 (2009) 1278-1282
58. Determination of trapping parameters in n- TI2IN2S3Se layered single crystals by thermally stimulated current measurements
I.Guler, N.M.Gasanly
physica B 404 (2009) 2034-2038
59. Joınt Entropy of the Harmonic Oscillator Wıth Tıme -Dependent Mass and /or Freqency
Ethem Aktürk, Özgür Özcan, Ramazan Sever
Vol 23 No 11(2009)
60. The Scalar Unpartıcle Effect on The Charged lepton Electric Dipole Moment
Vol.24, No14 (2009) 2729-2740
61. Semileptonic Bc to P-wave charmonia transitions within QCD sum rules
Physical Rewıew D 79, 116001( 2009)
62. Hole -polar phonon snteraction scattering mobility in chain structured TİSE 0,75 S0,25 crystals
A.F.Qasrawi1,2 and N.M Gasanly
phys.Status solid A 206,no,71565-1568(2009)
63. Trapping centers and their distribution in Tl2Ga2Se3S layered single crystals
Journal of physics and chemistry of solids 70 (2009)
64. Characterization of AgGa0,5In0,5Se2 thin films deposited by electron-beam technigue
H.Karaağaç,M.Kaleli , and M.Parlak
phys.D: Appl .phys 42(2009) 165413
65. Influence of the nitrogen flow rate on the order and structure of PECVD boron nitride thin films
M.Anutgan,T.Aliyeva Anutgan,E Ozkol, I.Atilgan,B.Katircioglu
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 355 (2009) 1622-1629
66. Vector meson-baryon strong coupling constants in light cone QCD sum rules
T.M.aliev,A.Özpineci,M.Savci,and V.S.Zamiralov
physical Revıew D 80 016010(2009)
67. Investigation of the Ds1 structure via Bc to Ds1l+l-/v? transitions in QCD
R Khosravi,K.Azizi,M.Ghanaatian,F Falahati
Journal of physics G: Nuclear and Particle (2009)
68. Nonlocal symmetries and integrable ordinary differential eguations: x+3xx+x3 = 0 and its generalizations
A.Karasu (Kalkanlı) P.G.L Leach
journal of Mathematical physıcs 50.073509 (2009)
69. Structural,electrical and anisotropic properties of Tl4Se3S chain crystals
A.F.Qasrawi and N.M Gasanly
Materials Research Bulletin 44 (2009)2009-2013
70. Relations between etropies produced in nondeterministic thermodynamic proceses
Physical Revıew E 79,041102 (2009)
71. Fıgure of merit of one-Dımensional Resonant Transmissıon Systems in the Quantum Regime
Mustafa Ali Çipiloğlu, Sadi Turgut
Mathematical and Computational Applications,Vol.14, No.1,pp.13-19,2009
72. Magnetic and guadrupole moments of light spin-1 mesons in light cone QCD sum rules
T.M. Aliev, A.Özpineci,M.Savcı
physics letters B 678 (2009) 470-476
73. Radiative gas-dynamic model of a continuous optical discharge in a gravitational field: guasi-optical approximation
Ismail Rafatov
J.Phys.D: Appl.Phys.42 (2009) 155207 (8pp)
74. Approxımate l-StateSolutıons of Aspın-0 particle for Woods-Saxon Potentıal
Altuğ Arda
Vol.20. NO 4 ( 2009) 651-665
75. ABCD matrices as similarity transformations of Wigner matrices and periodic systems in optics
S.Başkal and Y.S.Kim
Vol.26 No: 9 /September 2009 /j.Opt.Soc. Am.A
76. Determination of deep trapping center parameters in as-grown T12Ga2S3Se layered crystals
Tacettin Yıldırım, Nizami M.Gasanly
Solid State Sciences 11 (2009) 1562-1566
77. Semileptonic Bq?Dq? lv (q= s,d,u) transitions in QCD
Nuclear Physics B (proc.Suppl) 186 (2009) 395-398
78. Phenomenology of the Heavy Flavored Spin 3/2 Baryons in Light Cone QCD (Kitaptan Makale)
Springer Science+Business Media B.V.2009
79. A Study of the Low-Mass X Ray Binary Dıp Sources XB 1916-053, XB 1323-619, X 1624-490 and 4U 1746-371 Observed wıth Integral
The Astronomıcal Journal,138:50-62,2009 july
80. Modification of TiO2(001) surface elektronic structure by Au impurity investigated with density functional theory
E.Mete, O.Gülseren, and Ş. Ellialtıoğlu
physical revıew B 80,035422(2009
81. Dye adsorbates BrPDI,BrGly,and BrAsp on anatase TİO2(001) for dye-sensitized solar cell applications
D.Çakır, O.Gülseren, E.Mete, Ş.Ellialtıoğlu
physical Revıew B 80.035431(2009)
82. Atomic and electronic structure of group - lV adsorbates on the GaAs (001) - (1x2) surface
D.Usanmaz, M.çakmak,Ş.Ellialtıoğlu
Surface Sciense 603 (2009) 2683-2687
83. Exact Solutions of effective Mass Dirac Eguation With Non-PT-Symmetric and Non-Hermitian Exponential-type Potentials
Altuğ Arda, Ramazan Sever
Chin,phys,Lett,Vol,26 No.9(2009) 090305
84. Stability and degradation of plasma deposited boron nitride thin films in ambient atmosphere
Tamile Aliyeva Anutgan, Mustafa Anutgan,İsmail Atılgan, Bayram Katırcıoğlu
Thin Solid films 518 (2009) 419-425
85. Methodology for the Study of Solar Energy Effects to CO2 Balance in Tobacco Industry and Tobacco Plants
E.Yılmaz, B.Cancıno
Energy Sources,Part A,31:1822-1828,2009
86. Approxımate l-StateSolutıons to The Klein -Gordon Equation for Modified Woods - Saxon Potential with Position dependent Mass
Altuğ Arda, Ramazan Sever
Vol.24,Nos 20 & 21(2009) 3985-3994
87. Massive higher derivative gravity in D-dimensional anti-de sitter spacetimes
İbrahim Güllü,Bayram Tekin
Physical Revıew D 80, 064033
88. Spinodal instabilities in nuclear matter in a stocbastic relativistic mean-field approach
Physical Rewıew C 80, 034613 (2009)
89. Calcuiation of the compressibility and heat capacity of ice I in the pre- melting region
H.Yurtseven, and E.Kilit
physics and Chemistry of liguids Vol.47 No 5 October 2009 495-504
90. ZL associated pair production of charged Higgs bosons in the littlest Higgs model at e+e- colliders
A.Çağıl, M.T.Zeyrek
physical Revıew D 80 055021 (2009)
91. Trapping centers parameters in TllnSSe layered single crystals by thermally stimulated currents measurements
I.Guler, N.M.Gasanly
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 485 (2009) 41-45
92. Modified l-states of diatomic molecules subject to central potentials plus an angle- dependent potential
Cüneyt Berkdemir-Ramazan Sever
J Math Chem (2009) 46: 1122-1136
93. Thermally stimulated current study of traps in TI2Ga2Se3S layered crystals (Dergide Yayınlanmadı )
journal of optoeledtronıcs and Advanced Materials Symposia .Vol.1 No 3, 2009,p 305-308
94. Apporoximate analytical solutions of the pseudospin symmetric Dirac eguation for exponential-type potentials
Altu Arda, Ramazan Sever, Cevdet Tezcan
Ann.phys(Berlin) 18.No.10-11, 736-746 (2009) DOI 10.1002/andp.200810368
95. Structural and thermochemical properties, and energetics of C8(NO2) 8 and C20(NO2) 4n( n=0-4)
Rengin Peköz, Şakir Erkoç
Computational Materials Science
96. Analyzing Fe-Zn system using molecular dynamics,evolutionary neural nets and mlti-objective genetic algorithms
Şakir Erkoç
Computational Materials Science 46 (2009) 821-827
97. Electric guadrupole and magnetic octupole moments of the light decuplet baryons within light cone QCD sum rules
T.M.Aliev, K.Azizi,M.Savci
physics letters B 681 (2009) 240-246
98. Transport and recombination kinetics in TIGaTe2 crystals
Phys.Status Solid A 206,no,2555-2558(2009)
99. Shallow trapping center parameters in as-grown AgIn5S8 crystal by thermally stimulated current measurements
Cryst.res.technol., 44 No 12,1267-1271 (2009)
100. Dark matter as a localized scalar in the extra dimension
Eur.Phys J.C(2009)
101. Pseudoscalar-meson decuplet-baryon coupling constants in light cone QCD
T.M.Aliev,K.Azizi,A.Özpineci, M. Savci
Physical Reıwew D 80,096003(2009)
102. Structural and electronic properties of carbon-doped c-BN(110) surface
H.Kökten, Ş.Erkoç
physica B 404 (2009) 4937-4938
103. Quantum-chemical treatment of the linoleic acid molecule and two of its conjugated isomers
Sevil Kurban,Figen Erkoç, Ş.Erkoç
Eur.J Lipid Sci Technol.2009.111.1035-1041
104. **Nonrelatıvıstıc Quapark -Antıquark potential: Spectroscopy of Heavy-Quarkonıa And Exotıc susy QuarkonıaB>
Sameer M Ikhdair1 and Ramazan Sever
İnternational Journal of Modern Physics A Vol 24, Nos 28 ? 29 (2009)
105. Fabrication and Characterization of p-Si/n-ZnO heterostructured junctions (İade)
P lakson,M.M.Rahman,Q-H.Hu,O.Nur,R.Turan,M.Willander
Microelectronics Journal
106. Current-Voltage and capacitane-voltage characteristics of a Sn/Metheylene Blue /p-Si Schoottky diode
Synthetic Metals
107. Optical and X-ray outbursts of Be/ X-ray binary system SAX J2103+4545
A?A 508,895-900(2009)
108. A theoretical study of chemical doping and width effect on zigzag graphene nanoribbons
Rengin Peköz, Şakir Erkoç
physica- E-low-Dimensional System (2009)
109. Collider effects of unparticle interections in multiphoton signals
T.M.Aliev,Mariana Frank,İsmail Turan
Physical Revıew D 80 114019(2009)
110. Properties of TI4Se3S single crystals and characterization of Ag/Tı4Se3S Schottky barrier diodes
Current Applied physics 10 (2009) 592-595
111. Vıbratıonal Modes In Small Agn Aun Clusters: A Fırst Prıncıple Calculatıon
Olcay Üzengi Aktürk, Oğuz Gülseren
Int.J Modern Phys B (2009)
112. Aunptn clusters adsorbed on graphane studied by first principles calculations
Olcay Üzengi Aktürk, Mehmet Tomak
physical Review B 2(2009)
113. Au& cluster adsorption on Si (100): 2x1 asymmetric surface studied by a first principles calculation
Olcay üzengi Aktürk,Mehmet Tomak
Thin Solid films (2009)
114. Can Sobolev Ineguality Be Written for Sharma-Mittal Entropy?
O.Üzengi Aktürk,E.Aktürk.M.Tomak
Int.JTheor Phys B (2008) 47:3310-3320
115. Calculation of the Specific Heat Close to phase Transition in S-triazine
M.Kurt and H.Yurtseven*
"Received August 31, 2009 ; Final form September 18 (2009)"