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Publications 2010

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1. Properties of TI4Se3S single crystals and characterization of Ag/Tı4Se3S Schottky barrier diodes
Current Applied physics 10 (2009) 592-595
2. Trapping centers and their distribution in TI2In2Se3S layered single crystals
Ipek Güler, N.M.Gasanly
Solid Stat Communications 150(2010) 176-180
3. Analytical Solutions to the Klein -Gordon Equation with Position - Dependent Mass for q-Parameter Pöschhl-Teller Potential
Altuğ Arda ,Ramazan Sever, Cevdet Tezcan
Chın.Phys.lett. Vol.27,No.1(2010) 010306
4. On the mass and decay constant of K*2(1430) tensor meson
T.M. Aliev and V Bashiry
J.phys.G.Nucl.part Phys.37 (2010) 025001 (7 pp)
5. Quantum chemical investigation of nitrotyrosine (3-nitro-L-tyrosine) and 8-nitroguanine
Şakir Erkoç ? Figen Erkoç? Aylin Sepici-Dinçel
Amino Acids (2010) 38:319-327 DOI 10.1007/s00726-009-0253-8
6. Calculatıon of The Molar Volume In the Solıd and Lıquıd phases of CC14
H.Yurtseven and D.Kavruk
Modern Physics Letters B.Vol.24,N0.1(2010)75-80
7. Deterministic transformations of multipartite entangled states with tensor rank 2
S.Turgut, Y.Gül,and N.K.Pak
Physical Revıew A 81. 012317(2010)
8. Anisotropic electrical and dispersive optical parameters in InS layered crystals
Solid State Communications 150(2010) 325-328
9. Optically stimulated luminescence from BeO ceramics: An LM-OSL study
E.Bulur, A.Yeltik
Radiation Measurements 45 (2010) 29-34
10. Pentacene Multilayerson Ag(111) Surface
Ersen Mete, İlker Demiroğlu, M.Fatih Danışman,Şinasi Ellialtıoğlu
J.phys.Chem C 2010 114,2724-2729
11. Bismuth doping of graphene
Olcay Üzengi Aktürk,Mehmet Tomak
Applıed physics Letters 96 081914 (2010)
12. Influence of photonic excitations on the electrical parameters of TIInS2 crystals
Cryst.Res Technol. 45, No 4,433-438(2010) DOI 10.1002/crat.200900625
13. Correlations of the thermodynamic guantities with the freguency shift of a lattice mode close to the l-ll transition in NH4Br
H.Yurtseven and M.Özdemir
Radiation physics and Chemistry 79 (2010) 692-695
14. Green's matrix for a second-order self-adjoint matrix differential operator
Tahsin Çağrı Şişman and Bayram Tekin
J.Phys.A: Math.Theor.43 (2010) 125205( 15 pp)
15. Solutions of the spatially- dependent mass Dirac equation with the spin and pseudospin symmetry for the Coulomb-like potential
Sameer : Ikhdair, Ramazan Sever
Applıed Mathematics and Computation 216 (2010) 545-555
16. Approximate pesudospin and spin solutions of Dirac equation for a class of exponential potentials
Altuğ Arda ,Ramazan Sever, Cevdet Tezcan
Chınese journal of physics Vol.48 No.1
17. Tempeture Dependence of the Damping Constant Close to the l-ll Phase Transition ın s-Triazine
International Journal of modern Physics B Vol 24 No 3 (2010) 369-380
18. Coherent states for PT-/non- PT-symmetric and -non-Hermitian Morse Potentials via the Path integral method
Nalan Kandirmaz and Ramazan Sever
physica Scripta (2010) 035302 (6pp)
19. Au& cluster adsorption on Si(100):2x1 asymmetric surface studied by a first principles calculation
Olcay Üzengi Aktürk,Mehmet Tomak
Thin Solid Film 518 (2010) 3234-3239
20. RXTE-PCA observations of XMMU J054134,7-682550
G.S.İnam,L.Townsend,V.A. McBride,A.Baykal,M.J.Coe,R.Corbet
Mon.Not.R.Astron. Soc.395, 1662-1668 ( 2009)
21. Optical and x- ray outburst of Be/x-ray binary system SAxJ2103.5+4545
Ü.Kızıloğlu,S.Özbilgen, N.Kızıloğlu, A.Baykal
A&A 508,895-900 (2009)
22. Recent torgue revesal of 4U 1907+09
S.Ç.İnam,Ş.Şahiner A.Baykal
Mon.Not.R.Astron. Soc.395, 1015-1020 (2009)
23. Light vector meson octet-decuplet baryon vertices in QCD
T.M. Aliev A.Özpineci,M.Savci,V.S.Zamiralov
PHYSİCAL Revıew D 81. 056004(2010)
24. Calculatıon of The Raman Freguency and the dampıng constant of a coupled mode in the ferroelectric and paraelectric phases in KH2Po4
H.Karacali,A.Kiracı H.Yurtseven
phys.Status Solidi B 247, No.4 927-936(2010)/ DOI 10.1002/ pssb.200945181
25. Approximate bound state soluations of Dirac eguation with Hulthen potential including Coulomb-like tensor potential
Sameer M. Ikhdair, Ramazan Sever
Applied Mathematics and Computation
26. Geometric measures of entanglement
Physical Revıew A 81. 012306(2010)
27. Analysis of the ?b??l + l - decay in QCD
T.M.Aliev, K.Azizi,M.Savci
physical Revıew D 81. 056006(2010)
28. Effect of temperature and isomorphic atom substitution on optical absorption edge of TIInS 2x Se 2(1-x) mixed crystals (0.25<x
Cryst.Res Technol. 45, No 5,525-528(2010) DOI 10.1002/crat.200900653
29. Calculation of the Molar Volume In The Solıd and Liquid Phases of CCI4
Modern Physics Letters B.Vol.24,N0.1(2010)75-80
30. Optical properties of TI2In2Se3S layered single crystals
İ.Güler, N.M.Gasanly
Philosophical Magazine Vol.90 No:13 7 May 2010,1799-1806
31. Effective Mass Dirac - Morse Problem with any K-value
Altuğ Arda ,Ramazan Sever, Cevdet Tezcan,Hüseyin Akçay
Chin Phys. Lett.Vol.27.No 4 ( 2010) 040306
32. On the SmCo Dimer: A Detailed Density Functional Theory Analsis
Hüseyin Oymak,Ş.Erkoç
J.Phys.Chem A 2010 114,1897-1905
33. Canonical structure of higher derivative gravity in 3D
İbrahim Güllü,Tahsin Çağrı Şişman Bayram Tekin
physıcal Revıew D 81, 104017(2010)
34. Born -İnfeld - Horava gravity
İbrahim Güllü,Tahsin Çağrı Şişman Bayram Tekin
Physical Revıew D 81, 104018( 2010)
35. kK+p- vertex in light cone QCD sum rules
G.Baytemir,Y.Sarac, O.Yilmaz
physical Revıew D 81, 0940009 (2010)
36. Optical properties of TIGaxIn1-xS2 layered mixed crystals (0?x? 1) I.Composition -and tempeture-tuned energy band gap
Journal of Alloys and Compounds
37. Magnetic dipole moment of the light tensor mesons in light cone QCD sum rules
T.M.Aliev, K.Azizi,M.Savci
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics
38. Approximate analytical solutions of the generalized Woods-Saxon potentials including the spin -orbit coupling term and spin symmetry
Ramazan Sever
Cent.Eur. J.Phys. .8 (4) -2010 652-666 DOI : 10.2478/s11534
39. Analysis of RXTE-PCA Observations of SMC X-1
S.Ç.İnam,A.Baykal, E.Beklen
Mon Not R Astron Soc. 403,378-386 (2010)
40. New Turque Reversal and Spın -Up of 4U 1626-67 Observed By Fermi/ Gamma-Ray Burst Monıtor and Swıft/Burst Alert Telescope
A.Camero-Arranz,M.H.Fınger,N.R. Ikhsanov, C.A.Wılson -Hodge,E.Beklen
The Astrophysıcal Journal 708:1500-1506,2010 January 10
41. Quantum chemical treatment of ß-sitosterol molecule
Sevil Kurban,Figen Erkoç, Şakir Erkoç
Pharmaceutical Biology, 2010: 48(6) 637-642
42. Large area Uniformity of plasma grown hydrogenated nanocrystalline silicon and its application in TFT 's
Tamila Aliyeva Anutgan,Mustafa Anutgan,İsmail Atılgan,Bayram Katırcıoğlu
Journal of Non -Crystalline Solids
43. Heavy XQ2 tensor mesons in QCD
T.M.Aliev, K.Azizi,M.Savci
Physics Letters
44. Structural, optical and electrical properties of Al-doped ZnO microrods prepared by spray pyrolysis
Emin Bacaksiz,Serdar Aksu ,Salih Yılmaz, Mehmet Parlak,Mustafa Altuntaş
Thin Solid Film 518 (2010) 4076-4080
45. NH3 and H2S adsorption on Au3Pt3 cluster studied by a first princeples calculations
Olcay Üzengi Aktürk,Mehmet Tomak
Thin Solid films 518 (2010) 5195-5203
46. Born -İnfeld - extension of new massive gravity
İbrahim Güllü,Tahsin Çağrı Şişman and Bayram Tekin
Class.Quantum Grav.27 (2010) 162001 (4pp)
47. Determination of trapping center parameters of TI2Ga2S3Se layered crystals by thermally stimulated current measurements
İnternational Journal of modern Physics B Vol 24 No 14 (2010) 2149-2161
48. Optoelectronic properties of TI3 In Se4 single crystals
Philosophical Magazine Vol.90 No:29 October 2010,3845-3854
49. Rapidly rotating fermions in a anisotropic trap
European Physical J.D 59, 435-441 (2010) DOI: 10.1140/epjd/e2010-00171-y
50. On the supersymmetric solutions of D=3 half-maximal supergravities
Nihat Sadik Deger,Henning Samtleben, Özgür Sarıoğlu
Nuclear physics B 840 (2010) 29-53
51. Analysıs of heat capacity and Glass Transition in Amorphous ice
Modern Physics Letters B.Vol.24,N0.17(2010)1915-1921
52. Composition-tuned refractive index and oscillator parameters in TIGaxIn1-xS2 layered mixed crystals (0?x?1)
Solid State Communications 150(2010) 1656-1659
53. Semileptonic decays of pseudoscalar mesons to the scalar f0 meson
EPL,90 (2010) 61001 doi: 10 1209/0295-5075/90/61001
54. c-functions in the Born -İnfeld extended new massive gravity
İbrahim Güllü,T.Çağrı Şişman, Bayram Tekin
Physical Rewıew D 82 , 024032(2010)
55. Effect of particle properties and light polarization on the plasmonic resonances in metallic nanoparticles
Urcan Güler,Raşit Turan
Opt.Express 18 (2010) 17322-17338
56. Effect of gamma-radiation on HfO2 based MOS capcitor
F.Belgin Ergin, Raşit Turan, Sergiu T.Shishiyanu,Ercan Yilmaz
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in physics B 268 (2010) 1482-1485
57. Silicon Nanocrystals (KİTAP)
Raşit Turan
58. Stark effect, polirizability, and electroabsorption in silicon nanocrystals
Raşit Turan.Bulutay C, Kulakci M.
physical Review B 81 125333-1-7 (2010)
59. Evolution of SİO2/Ge/Hf02(Ge) multilayer structure during high temperature annealing
Sahin D, Yildiz I, Gencer Al, Aygun G Slaoui A, Turan R
Thin Solid Films 81 (2010) 2365-2369
60. Fabrication of Si nanocrystals in amorphous SİC matrix by magnetron sputtering
A.Gencer Imer, İ.Yildiz,R.Turan
physica E 42 (2010) 2358-2363
61. Evalution of Vibrational Modes of SiO2 During the formation of Ge and Si Nonocreystals by Ion Implantion and Magnetron Sputteringtemperature annealing
Imer AG, Yerci S, Alalgoz AS, Kulakci M, Serincan U,
Journal of Nanoscience an Nanotechology 10 (2010) 525-531
62. Investigation of physical properties of guaternary AgCa0.5Te2 thin films deposited by themal evaporation
journal of Nanoscience an Nanotechology 503 (2010) 468-473-531
63. Annealing effect on structural,optical and electrical properties of e-beam evaporated CuIn0.5Te2 thin films
Koray Yılmaz,Hakan Karaağaç
Applied Surface Science 256 (2010) 6454-6458
64. Flavor Changing Natural Current Transition of the Sigma(Q) to Nucleon in Full QCD and Heavy Quark Effective Theory
K.Azizi, M.Bayar, M.T.Zeyrek
Journal Of Physics G : Nucl.Part phys 37 (2010) 085002 (19pp) doi:10.1088/0954-3899/37/8/0850002
65. Z_L associated pair production of charged Higgs boson in the littlest Higgs model at e+e- colliders
M. Zeyrek
Physical Reiew D 80 0550201 2009
66. Investigation of P-wave scalar and S-wave pseudo-scalar charmonia semileptonic transition to the Ds(D) meson in QCD
H.Dağ,Kazem Azizi,Vali Bashiry
Journal Of Physics G : Nucl.Part phys 37 (2010) 075005 (19pp) doi:10.1088/0954-3899/37/8/0850002
67. Analysis of the specific heat of p-azoxyanisole (PAA)near the phase transitions
Phys.Chemistry of Liquids Vol.48 No.4 August 2010,450-460
68. Coexistence of Indirect and Direct Optical Transitions,Refractive Indices and Oscillator Parameters in TIGaS2,TIGaSe2 and TIInS2 Layered Sıngle Crystals
N.M. Gasanly
journal of the Korean Physical Society Vol 57 No 1, July 2010, pp.164-168 (Atipi olmadığı için iade geldi )
69. A Numerical Spectroscopic Investigation on the Functionality of Molecular Excitons in Tuning the Plasmonic Splitting Observed in Core/shell Hybrid Nanostrructures
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2010 114,13825-13831
70. Mass Formulas for ?c and ? Baryons
T:M.Aliev V.S.Zamiralov, A.Özpineci
physics of Atomic Nuclei, 2010 Vol 73,No 10 pp 1754-1760
71. One analytic form for four branches of the ABCD matrix
S.Başkal. Y.S.Kim
Journal of Modern Optics Vol. 57 Nos.14-15 10 August-10 September 2010.1251-1259
72. Folding and unfolding characteristics of short beta strand peptides under different environmental conditions and starting configurations
Astrid MaaB, Emine Deniz Tekin, Anton Schüller, Ahmet Palazoğlu, Dirk Reith,Roland Faller
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1804 (2010) 2003-2015
73. The Orbital Period of SWIFT J21626.65156
A.Baykal,Ersin Göğüş, Sıtkı Çağdaş İnam, Tomaso Belloni
Astrophysical Journal711:1306-1309.2010
74. Transformations of W-Type Entangled States
S.Kıntaş, S.Turgut
Journal of Mathematical Physics 51, 092202(2010)
75. Computational modeling of isothermal decay curves of trapping centers in TIGaSeS layered single crystals.
İlker Küçük, Tacettin Yıldırım,Nizami M.Gasanly.Hüsnü Özkan
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 507 (2010)-517-520
76. Strong transitions of decuplet to octet baryons and pseudoscalar mesons
Nuclear Physics B 847 (2010) 101-117
77. Swift Observations of CSS081007:030559+054715
A.P.Beardmore,J.P.Obsorne,K.L.Page,G.Schwarz, S.Starrfield,P.Hakala,J.U Ness, S.Balman ,R:M Wagner
Astron. Nachr./AN 331 No, 2 156-159 (2010) DOI 10.1002/asna.200911318
78. Freguency-resolved spectroscopy of XB 1323-619 using XMM-Newton data:detection of a reflection region in the disc
Mon. Not.R.Astron .Soc.(2010)
79. A Search For Supernova Remnants in The Nearby Spiral Galaxy M74( NGC 628)
E.Sonbaş, A.Akyüz, Ş.Balman, M:E:Özel
Astronomy & Astrophysics manuscript no M74' printer3 May4,2010
80. The XMM-Newton Detection of extended Emission from the nova remmant of T pyx
Monthy Notices of the Royal Astronımical Society
81. Any l-state solutions of the Woods- Saxon potential in arbitrary dimensions within the improved quantization rule
Sameer M. Ikhdair, Ramazan Sever
International Journal of modern Physics A Vol 25,No.20 (2010) 3941-3952
82. Scattering of the Woods - Saxon potential in the Schrödinger eguation (Listeye eklenecek ama Sayılmayabilir S.Bilikmen Notu)
Ramazan Sever, O.Aydoğdu
J.phys.A: Math.Theor.43 (2010) 425204( 10 pp)
83. Stucral and electronic features of the ubiguinone and ubiguinol molecules: molecular dynamics and guantum chemical treatments
E.D. Tekin and S.Erkoç
Vol.36 No. 10 September 2010,763-771
84. Calculation of the Volume As Functıons of Temperature and Pressure ın Ice I Close To The Melting Point
International Journal of modern Physics B Vol 25,No.20 (2010) 3749-3758
85. Effect of isomorphic atom substituion on the refractive index and oscillator parameters of TllnS 2x Se2(1-x) layered mixed crystals (0.25 ? x ? 1)
Cryst.Res.Technol.45, No.11 ,1141-1144 (2010)
86. Noncommutative vortices and flux tubes from Yang-Mills theories with spontaneously generated fuzzy extra dimensions.
Physical Review D 82, 105010-(2010)
87. Effective-mass Klein-Gordon equation for non-PT/non-Hermitian generalized Morse Potential.
Prof.Dr.Razaman SEVER
Phys.Scr.82(2010)065007 (5pp)
88. Strong coupling constans of decuplet baryons with vector mesons.
T.M.Aliev, M.Savci, K.Azizi
Physical Review D 82,096006 (2010)
89. Theoretical analysis of small Pt particles on rutile TiO2 (110) surfaces.
Veysel Çelik,Hatice Ünal,Ersen Mete,Şinasi Ellialtıoğlu
Physical Review B 82, 205113 (2010)
90. Unitarity analysis of general Born-Infeld gravity theories.
İbrahim Güllü, Tahsin Çağrı ŞİŞMAN, Bayram TEKİN
Physical Review D 82, 124023 (2010)
91. Metallization of the C60/Rh(100) interface revealed by valence photoelectron spectroscopy and density functional theory calculations.
The Journal of Chemical Physics 132, 234710 (2010)
92. A linear variation of the thermal expansivity with the isothermal compressibility for ammonia solid III near the melting point
Korean J.Chem.Eng.24 (I) 249-252 (2010)