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Plasma and Laser Group

Plasma and Laser Group

Theoretical and Experimental.

Plasma physics research started with Ordal Demokan, Serhat Çakır and Sinan Bilikmen in 1970s. First experimental plasma physics lab was founded by Ordal Demokan to investigate the plasma discharges and arcs. Serhat Çakır started ionospheric plasmas and plasma simulations. Sinan Bilikmen took in charge of Free electron lasers, plasma wake field acceleration and plasma torch studies. In the years 2000 Diode pumped Ultrashort laser, solid state laser research labs are established with the DPT and TÜBİTAK projects (4 million TL) obtained by Sinan Bilikmen. Burak Yedierler initiated theoretical investigation of plasma wake field acceleration and laser propagation in matter. Rafet İsmailov contributed to theoretical plasma discharge calculations and simulations.

In 2010 Laser İnduced Plasma Spectroscopy and plasma processing lab including also a plasma chemistry reactor is constructed by Sinan Bilikmen, Ümmügül Erözbek Güngör and Doğan Mansuroğlu.

In general, Plasma Physics Group focused on understanding and improvement of the full range of plasma techniques with academic and industrial purposes. Many applications of plasma such as plasma diagnostics, plasma deposition, surface modification, has been worked in our laboratory, and new techniques have been developed. The laboratory includes two different plasma reactors.

The Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) has been constructed by Elif Yurdanur Taşel and Sinan Bilikmen to investigate the elemental analysis of both heavy and light materials. This technology focuses on understanding the relation between laser and matter interactions

Research Areas

Theoretical Studies

Plasma Diagnostics

Plasma Polymerization

Plasma Surface Modification

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)

Group Members

Graduate Students

  • Ümmügül Erözbek Güngör
  • Doğan Mansuroğlu
  • Efe Küçükkeskin
  • Ender Eylenceoğlu
  • Cemre Kuşoğlu
  • Ahmet Ünal
  • Selçuk Aydoğdu
  • Mustafa Türkmenoğlu

Group Poster: plasma2.pdf

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