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Seminars»11.06.2015 - Haris Ðapo : Study of Zn Isotopes via Photonuclear Reactions

11.06.2015 - Haris Ðapo : Study of Zn Isotopes via Photonuclear Reactions

Study of Zn Isotopes via Photonuclear Reactions

Haris Ðapo
Nuclear Research and Application Center, Akdeniz University
11 June 2015, Thursday, 14:40
Cavid Erginsoy Seminar Room, Physics Department, 3rd floor

Abstract: The use of bremsstrahlung photons produced by a linac to induce photonuclear reactions is wide spread, but the idea of using a clinical linac is a novel concept. At Akdeniz University a program has been started focused on inducing photonuclear reactions. With a clinical linac we induced photonuclear reactions on Zinc isotopes and measured the subsequent transition energies and half-lives. For this purpose, a bremsstrahlung photon beam of 18 MeV endpoint energy produced by the Philips SLI-25 linac has been used. The subsequent decay has been measured with a well-shielded single HPGe detector. By analyzing the spectrum the energies of gamma-ray transitions in the daughter nuclei as well as the half-life of the parent nucleus have been obtained. The results on Zinc nuclei will be presented. They are in good agreement with the literature data and in many cases surpass it in accuracy. The obtained accuracy shows what is achievable in an experiment such as ours. The usefulness and benefits of employing clinical linacs for nuclear physics experiments will be presented.