Phys : Seminars / 17.12.2015 - Cesim Dumlu : Multidimensional Quantum Tunneling in the Schwinger Effect

Multidimensional Quantum Tunneling in the Schwinger Effect

Cesim Dumlu
Department of Physics, METU
17 December 2015, Thursday, 14:40
Cavid Erginsoy Seminar Room, Physics Department, 3rd floor

Schwinger effect represents the "non-perturbative" production of electron-positron pairs from the vacuum state of quantum electrodynamics (QED) under the influence of an external electric field. Over eight decades since its prediction, the non-perturbative breakdown of quantum vacuum still keeps its status as an unobserved QED phenomenon. The planned next generation laser beams, by which the Schwinger effect may ultimately be observed, generically have spatio-temporal profiles and include magnetic fields as well. This necessitates a multidimensional framework to work with, in order for a fully realistic treatment of the problem. The semiclassical worldline approach to QED provides such framework, where pair production rates in space-time dependent electromagnetic fields can be calculated via multi-periodic tunnelling trajectories.

Reminder: Tea and cookies will be in the seminar room before the seminar.

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