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Seminars»07.12.2016 - Farzad Omidi : Holographic Approach to Entanglement Entropy

07.12.2016 - Farzad Omidi : Holographic Approach to Entanglement Entropy

Holographic Approach to Entanglement Entropy

Farzad Omidi
IPM, Tehran, Iran
07 December 2016, Wednesday, 10:40
Smart Class, Physics Department, Ground Floor

Abstract: In this talk I will briefly review entanglement entropy and the holographic method in- troduced by Ryu and Takayanagi in 2006. I will start with the definition of quantum entanglement and introduce entanglement entropy as a measure to quantify this concept in quantum field theories. Next, I will speak about the golden proposal of Ryu-Takayanagi which makes the calculation of entanglement entropy very much easier in strongly corre- lated quantum field theories which have gravity dual theories. I will finished by explaining the Ryu-Takayangai proposal for two special cases where the regions for which entangle- ment entropy is calculated are in the shapes of strips and spheres. All of the materials with more details can be found in some nice review papers, arXiv: 1609.01287 and 0905.0932 to name a few.