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Seminars»25.04.2019 - Bilge Demirköz : METU Defocusing Beam Line Project: A CERN Collaboration

25.04.2019 - Bilge Demirköz : METU Defocusing Beam Line Project: A CERN Collaboration

METU Defocusing Beam Line Project: A CERN Collaboration

Bilge Demirköz
Department of Physics, METU, Ankara, TURKEY
25 April 2019, Thursday, 14:40
Cavid Erginsoy Seminar Room, Physics Department, 3rd floor

Abstract: Middle East Technical University – Defocusing Beam Line (METU-DBL) project is an irradiation facility providing 15 MeV to 30 MeV kinetic energy protons for testing various high radiation level applications, ranging from Hi-Lumi LHC upgrade, space electronic components to nuclear material research. The project located inside the premises of the TAEA (Turkish Atomic Energy Agency) SANAEM (Saraykoy Nuclear Education and Research Center) provides users a wide selectable flux menu (10^5 – 10^10 p/cm^2 s). The facility is now being commissioned and the facility will be providing a large test area (20cm x 15cm) for material, detector and electronics tests. Several samples can be radiated simultaneously inside the irradiation area and the robotic system provides 5 separate holders for samples which can be moved in or out, providing users flexibility for the desired fluence.

Several new technologies and capabilities have been developed as part of this project with CERN knowledge transfer. The first industrial-size accelerator quadrupole magnet was designed at METU and produced at a Turkish company with technology transfer. Cooling, vacuum, control as well as a test and measurement subsystems were developed and will be presented. This talk will first introduce METU-DBL as a radiation test facility, then discuss the radiation monitoring of the beam area and the radiation room, while highlighting how this facility can be used for future testing of materials for radiation tolerance.