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Seminars»19.11.2020 - Soner Albayrak : Recent Developments in Conformal Bootstrap

19.11.2020 - Soner Albayrak : Recent Developments in Conformal Bootstrap

Recent Developments in Conformal Bootstrap

Soner Albayrak
Yale University, Department of Physics
19 November 2020, Thursday, 14:30
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Abstract: Conformal field theories (CFTs) play a central role in modern physics: they describe critical phenomena in second order phase transitions, end points of renormalization group flow for various quantum field theories, quantum gravity in Anti de Sitter spacetimes via AdS/CFT duality, and scattering amplitudes at the null boundary via flat space holography, among many other applications. Despite that, the progress in understanding CFTs had been rather slow until 2008 when a numerical approach to solving CFTs was introduced. The conformal bootstrap program, a collective effort to develop analytical and numerical techniques to solve CFTs, has since been on the rise and I will be summarizing what has been achieved in the past two decades and will also be talking about my own contribution.