Born in Ankara, Erdal Inonu is the son of Mevhibe Inonu and Ismet Inonu , who was the president of Turkey (1939-50).

Educated at Ankara University; he obtained his Ph. D. degree at CalTech (1951). His thesis is a phenomenological work based on the observations of high energy cosmic bursts. The celebrated group contraction concept is named after him and E. P. Wigner. He is also well recognized for his contributions to the development of neutron transport phenomena.

As a professor of theoretical Physics he held diverse administrative duties as University President (METU) and Faculty Dean (METU, BU). From 1983 he was involved in active politics. From 1991 to 1995, he served as the Minister of State, vice Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, consecutively.

He wrote his three volume memoirs which then quickly became bestsellers. Two of his recent books are "Mehmet Nadir :A pioneer in education and science" (1997) and "Ideas and actions: Talks on history, science and politics" (1999).

In 2004 he is awarded the Wigner Medal for his outstanding contributions to physics through group theory. Currently he is a member of the Feza Gursey Institute, and on the faculty of the Sabanci University..
(31 Oct. 2007) Farewell "Erdal Bey".
With the members of the Physics Dept., METU Ankara (1975), second from right.