Translate Strings into local language format

I received lots of email asking for translating "String"s or "Label"s in the java applets.
After several days of work, I modified all the java applets to make it easier to change the strings.

The following is java applet with default parameters
<applet code="translate.class" width=200 height=100>
<param name="Reset" value="Reset">
<param name="Clear" value="Clear">
<param name="choices" value="choice a,choice b,choice c">

The following is java applet with new parameters
<applet code="translate.class" width=300 height=100>
<param name="Reset" value="New Label">
<param name="Clear" value="You can use local characters">
<param name="choices" value="test 1, select 2, item 3 ">

For choice(selected items), items are separated by "," .
And please DO NOT use more items than the number of original parameters.
Modify value field of the parameters, not the name field.

What you should do is copy my original web page to a different filename
 and  modidy java applet parameters.
Enjoy it! Please send me any comments you might have!

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Author¡GFu-Kwun Hwang, Dept. of physics, National Taiwan Normal University
Last modified :  More physics related java applets