Dr. Hakan Altan


Phone: +90-312-210-4333

Lab phone: +90-312-210-3277

Fax: +90-312-210-5099

E-mail: haltan (at) metu.edu.tr

My research endeavors early in my career (while I was a graduate student) initially focused on astronomy and astrophysics. However as most students will learn true passions can evolve at any time in ones career. My love of building and developing optical systems lead me to a career path in photonics.  I learned a great deal from both my doctoral advisor and from my advisor during my postdoctoral studies. I think one of the most important attributes to a successful career in photonics is both the ability to work independently and work well with others.  While I focused on free-space optical systems and predominantly terahertz technologies throughout my training my experience has allowed me to investigate and contribute in other areas of optics research, namely imaging and fiber-based optical systems. I established the terahertz research laboratory here at METU in 2008. Since then with the support of grants from national funding agencies such as TUBITAK and the Ministry of Science, Industry & Technology we have been able to develop and bring new and exciting areas of photonics research to Turkey.

That said I am fascinated by cutting edge research in all areas of Physics, and love the chance to discuss current breakthroughs and audacious claims with students on many occasions.  Teaching is a wonderful way to truly appreciate and finally grasp many concepts once that was ambiguous. While some say “those who can, do and those who can’t, teach,” I say “those who can do both can shape the future!”

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