Dr. Hakan Altan


· PHYSICS 111 (GENERAL PHYSICS-MECHANICS)—Newtonian Mechanics (2008-Present)

· PHYSICS 112 (GENERAL PHYSICS-ELECTROMAGNETISM)—Static Electromagnetic Fields (2008-Present)

· PHYSICS 215 (OSCILLATIONS AND WAVES)—Mechanical and Light Waves (2012-Present)

· PHYSICS 216 (PHYSICS LABORATORY I)—Experiments in physics for students in the advanced Physics Bachelor’s program  (20012-Present)

· PHYSICS 400 (SPECIAL STUDIES IN PHYSICS)—Bachelor’s completion project for Physics Majors (2008-Present)

· PHYSICS 416/417 (ADVANCED SPECIAL STUDIES IN PHYSICS)—Bachelor’s completion project for Advanced Group Physics Majors (2010)

· PHYSICS 419/420 (OPTOELECTRONICS I & II)—Undergraduate level first semester covers topics such as Gaussian beams, resonators and with an introduction to electro- and acousto-optics, while the second semester course covers wave-guiding and coupling between modes (2008-2011)

OPTICAL ELECTRONICS LABORATORY (OEL)—Developed a laboratory session    for PHY419/420 focused on teaching undergraduates free-space and fibre-based optical systems.  Undergraduate Students perform a wide array of experiments such as building a nanosecond pulsed Ti: Sapphire laser to Erbium doped fiber lasers in optical communication systems. 

· PHYSICS 527 (GRADUATE OPTICAL ELECTRONICS)—Masters’ level optoelectronics course focuses on optical measurement techniques, CW and pulsed lasers, and introduction into non-linear optics (2008-2010)

· PHYSICS 728 (ELECTRO-OPTICS and WAVES)—Doctoral level course focusing on

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