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Group meetings

Students interested in joining our group are welcome to participate in the group meet5Cings. Group meetings consist of a half hour long presentation done by a student on their progress in addition to discussing methods and publications related their research.
Joining the Group

Graduate Students

Graduate students who are interested in working in our group should first familiarize themselves with the topics of research. If you are having trouble finding related material, please contact me so that I can point you towards some references. I'm also open to proposals for research projects as long as they are reasonable. Some knowledge in computation is desirable but not absolutely necessary. However, it helps to at least have an interest.

In the way I'm envisioning conducting research, you will have one or two projects at a time, which could be based on applications, developing code or something analytical. I will be holding regular meetings with each student in addition to being as available as possible during other times.

Undergraduate Students

Interested undergraduates are invited and encouraged to participate in our group's research activities. No prior knowledge in scientific computation or solid state physics is necessary, although you should be aware that most of my projects will involve working on a computer to a large extent. General training will be provided within the group by myself and my graduate students.

In order that I can assess the level of enthusiasm in the students and make sure that they are able to carry out the research without a degradation in academic success, I will ask you to go through a trial period. This period will also help you assess whether you are ready to put in the effort required.

You can apply year-round. Feel free to talk to my graduate students about the research. If you are interested, please set up an appointment with me by email.